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Padan Park Padan Park, in Vacaville, California, is a park that offers a little something to a variety of age groups. Children under the age of two along with older children will find an area to perform activities. In fact, it is through these activities, the child is learning different skills and these skills would be accompanied with structural changes in the brain (Leversen, Haga, & Sigmundsson, 2012). The activities range from developmentally challenged children under the age of two and mature activities that require higher motor skills and coordination.
Types of Equipment Children can play at Padan Park on a myriad of equipment ranging from simple swings, a twisty slide, and a small rock climbing wall. The swings are really popular in parks, and Padan is no exception; in fact, Padan Park has two of them. One of the swing sets is much smaller and meant to be used by a young child under the age of three or four. It has a seat with cutout to stick each leg through; therefore, preventing the occupant from falling out of it. The other swing set is more traditional and can occupy a child easily up to 12 years old. The twisty slide is the second piece of equipment. A child, up to about 12 years old, can climb to the top of this bright blue beauty and let gravity hurl them back down to the ground. The journey from the top
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To ensure there is a certain level of safety for the children, with an adequate shock absorbent material under the entire play area and no exposed metal on any of its equipment is testament to this endeavor. It is important to have an array of equipment that young crawlers can develop motor skills on and slightly older children can work on muscle memory and strength through coordination. An interesting expansion on this would be a comparison of inner city parks and smaller urban town parks to see if safety and development appear as apparent in

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