Daycare Observation

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For this assignment, I went to the Centre de l 'Enfance du Manoir Inc. It is located on 145 Verdi Avenue in Laval. The current director of the Daycare is Zahia Derdour and she was also the person that gave me a tour and also answered my questions. This Daycare is a CPE and it was actually founded by Gilles Vaillancourt, former mayor of Laval. Unfortunately I didn 't have a partner for this assignment therefore I went to the CPE on my own. For this essay, I will be covering the schedule, the outdoor environment and also the classroom environment.

The Daycares ' daily schedule is very balanced between structure and flexibility. The doors open at 7:00 am. This is when Greeting Time starts. All of the children gather around in the Grand
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The lights were well dimmed which gave out a calm atmosphere. The walls and cieling were covered with the childrens ' art and drawings so that the toddlers feel welcomed. In the middle of the room was an empty space for the children to sit down. There was a few stickers on the floor witht the childrens ' names so that the child would know where to sit. The areas are all well separated. For example, there is a kitchen corner for the kids to pretend to cook. All of the areas are labelled as well as the containers. At the kitchen corner, there was a small poster on the wall that said 'Kitchen corner '. All of the shelved were eye-leveled so that the children are able to grab any kind of item on the shelves. The areas were well separated. All of the quiet areas like the book corner or the Puzzle area were on one side the noisy area like the kitchen corner and the Dramatic play area were on the other side.There are three windows in the classroom to let the sunlight in. There was also a bathroom near the classroom for the children to go in without leaving the room. There was a Gaming section and a table near it for the children to play on it. Another table was placed near the Art corner so that the children could draw on it. What I noticed was that there wasn 't any adult-sized chairs or any couches in the classroom. When I visited the Daycare, the educator was just sitting down on the floor with the children. However, there is a staff room near the classroom where there are two comfy chairs for the educator to sit and relax. Either way, I would suggest that they would at least buy an adult-sized chair for the

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