Observation Of Early Childhood Observation

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Child development involves emotional, physical, sociable, and intellect changes over a period from conception through adolescence. Childhood is a multifaceted process in which many changes occur. To fully understand the changes throughout childhood, one interview and observation was conducted to a toddler perspective, and a second interview and observation was implemented on a school-age child. Vast changes arise from infancy and toddlerhood, jumping to later childhood, and that was deceptive when comparing the outcomes from the two observations.
Alex, who is eight years old, was the topic of the school-age child interview and observation. To grasp the information needed an in class observation was completed followed by an
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Alex’s school begins at nine o’clock in the morning and ends at three forty in the afternoon. The observation was held on a Friday morning so the students were eager to get the weekend started. Before class officially started, the students were lined up in the gymnasium by classroom due to the rainy weather. The children were loud but tame as they were patiently waiting for their teacher to walk down to the gymnasium to retrieve the students. Once the bell sounded, the teachers arrived to the gym to gather their students for a Friday of learning. The students took off their coats and put their umbrellas in the closet, as Alex did not have a coat nor an umbrella and got questioned on why he didn’t have one on this chilly, rainy morning. The teacher made sure students were hurrying, however not running as she wanted to take roll and start the day. The brain is still growing and developing at this stage of childhood, which means that goal-setting and planning have yet to reach the level that it is at adulthood. Alex punctually put his belongings away, and took his seat at table four. Table four includes four other students who tend to work well with …show more content…
Growth is slower through this period, however, motor and physical abilities improve significantly. When Alex was asked about his favorite activities he responded with playing football, basketball and baseball with his friends, older brother, and teammates. He also enjoys playing video games and swimming in his pool during the summer. Many of these activities are very active which is very good for a child of this age group. During the school years, children show an improvement in motor skills. As for Alex, he has widely improved in his sports averages since the last season. For the reason that growth is slower, children are able to become familiarized to their bodies, resulting in them being more effective in their motor skills. With this improvement in motor skills, children become better with skills such as catching, throwing, and jumping. Alex is very involved in all three of his sports. Being active through the whole year is very important to a growing child. Most of his friends, as well as his brother, play all three of those sports. His mom attending every game really motivates him to keep striving for greatness. Being involved in an organized sport provides a child with both physical and social skills. Motor skills were also visible in the classroom. After the teacher finished up her grammar lesson the children were given an Easter

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