Childcare Case Study

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1. What activities and experiences you and your child have engaged in might be promoting healthy behavioral practices and an interest in physical activity

Sebastian and I have engaged in some activities that might be promoting a healthy behavioral practice and an interest in physical behavior. For example, during the weekends, Sebastian likes to go outside to the back yard to play mini soccer or play with his mini- basketballs. However, he seems to get tired very easily and after a short while he decides to quit the game. We have decided not to force Sebastian into playing any sports because we do not want him to get frustrate at the game or at him. Now, that we have a second child, we tried to activities with both children at the same time,
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Also, we wanted Sebastian to have a more individual attention, as he is a slow to warm up baby. Another reason why we chose a home day care center is because we wanted Sebastian to interact with other children around his own age, and because it was the least expensive childcare facility that we could find around the area. The last reason why we enrolled Sebastian in a home daycare center was because my partner had lost his job, and my family was not able to take care of Sebastian. So I force to go back to work, while my partner went out to look for a new …show more content…
Describe one example of what could go wrong, if you could not provide your child with these experiences

An activity that I am engaging in Sebastian to promote a healthy behavioral practice is to teach him how to behave at the dinner table, as there are times where he does not behave. It is important for Sebastian to learn good table manners because other people can form a positive or negative impression when he sits down to eat. Also this has a reflection on the parents, as they are the ones responsible for teaching the child how to behave in different places.

Another activity that I am engaging in Sebastian is to expand on his vocabulary by repeating, paraphrasing and expanding his own sentences. For example, the other day when we went to the park with his sister, Sebastian told me “ mommy Bella cry” and my response was “Sebastian, Bella is crying because she needs her diaper change. Would you like to help me change her diaper?” Expanding Sebastian’s vocabulary is important because, he will be able to express his feelings and needs better. Also, this activity will help him become a much better reader once he starts to go to

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