Child Protective Services Case Study

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Introduction Having such opportunity to be endowed with a million dollars to develop ideas on how to improve the Child Protective Services place me in a position where I am deliberating very hard on the programs or policies to implement. There are several programs and policies that are implemented in the Child Protective Services for clients and it is important to take into consideration the programs and policies by developing efficient and reliable platform that will be beneficial to the population they serve. I will certainly, invest some of the resources on the already existed programs of the Child Protective Services and research on new ideas that could help with their programs.

Employing additional CPS workers and providing proper
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In order to preserve and strengthen families that are reported to the agency it is a necessity for the CPS staff to understand their situations, most of these parent are not provided with the appropriate resources that will assist them care in taking good care of their children due to some financial retrained and personal challenges experiences and because of this their children are reported for neglect. But with the provision of adequate resources some families can be able to maintain and sustain their families and it is paramount for child protective services staffs to be aware of the needs of this parents by investigating on how they can assist such parents. Also, the separation of a child from their parent can affect them in great ways even if they are treated badly they still desire their parent, so in order for a child to have that close attachment with their parent’s accessibility of basic needs should be …show more content…
This freedom of selection will enable the child to work hard in keeping the family they have selected and learn to accept their choice by respecting all the family rules. Also, the procedure of placing a child with a family should not be done only because of the availability of a home, but more of a satisfaction from both the child and family to live in unity and the age range option for selection should be from 6 to 17

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