Cultural Interview In An Immigrant Family

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Interview Based on the cultural influences, I chose to do this interview in an immigrant family which child live with her family, but a working aboard father. This interview will consider the information which is provided by Ages & Stages Questionnaires. I completed these worksheets on October 24th, 2016. Based on the ASQ, I asked Tianna’s mom some questions about the cultural influences. Some immigrants want to keep their native culture that they would like to teach their children. As what I know, Tianna’s mom, my friend still keeps the Chinese culture even though she accepts most of the American culture. I asked if she would like to teach Tianna the Chinese culture and let her study Chinese like her brothers. This will depend on what Tianna …show more content…
These help children to gain their knowledge little by little. With the tips, such as gesture, and pointing, children are easier to find out what others want them to do. Parents can also try to repeat the word to help children to remember what it is. Most children are active that they are doing fine on gross motor skills. I need to know how Tianna reacts most of time, how she behaves when she is home. Tianna is active that she always walks and runs around the house, climbs up and down the sofa and tables. When she hears the music, she would like to dance, shake her hands, and twirl her body; sometimes, she would follow the melody and sing. She is interested in pilling tissues, playing with the switches that she can reach, turning on and off again and again. Tianna tends to copy the behaviors that her parents have done. Such as putting the toy phone on her ear to pretend she is on the phone, sitting on the toy car pretends she is the driver. As Chinese uses chopsticks to have meals instead of fork, spoon, and knife, Tianna sees everyone in the house uses chopsticks that she would …show more content…
The complex relationship in an immigrant family might force children to engage in a process of acculturation at the same time, and then children might mess up the cultures. I think the impacts of the culture diversity happens in the past, not now since the economic is getting much better, even though an immigrant does not know any English, he can find a job with at least $2000 per month. It is enough to support a family and live fine. I find Tianna’s family is doing a good job on culture. Even though her grandparents cannot accept part of the American food culture, otherwise, they do not push children to learn what they do not like. Their income is only from Tianna’s dad, maybe his income is high enough to let his family have a good life in the United States that he would not like Tianna’s mom to work. Taking a good care of the family, concerning about their health and study are the most important element for

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