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  • Rhetorical Devices In Black Boy By Richard Wright

    Author, Richard Wright, in his autobiography, “Black Boy” reflects back on the struggle he had to go through during his early childhood. Wright’s purpose is to inform the readers about the struggles he had had to go through as a black boy in the South during the Jim Crow era. Wright’s other purpose is to express his feelings about what happened to him and what he saw along the way. In order to write the novel “Black Boy,” Richard Wright uses many rhetorical devices. Some of the many rhetorical devices he uses are apostrophe, comparison, descriptive language, and curiosity. First let’s start with the many apostrophe’s Wright uses in his novel, “Black Boy”. “Richard, you are a very bad, bad boy,” she said. “I don’t care,” I repeated. I avoided…

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  • Examples Of Apostrophes In Macbeth

    downfall. Macbeth, written by Shakespeare in 1606, the Three Sisters challenges the idea of fate by telling Macbeth he will be King but not the process in which the result will be achieved, which lead to his plan to assassinate King Duncan. Macbeth, while expressing severe inner conflict on whether to kill King Duncan, uses metaphorical blood imagery, emotional apostrophe, and historical allusions that reflects Macbeth’s hesitation and his psychological mindset that blindly lead to his ambition.…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Addiction Can Drastically Change One's Life

    Okay, today i want to explain how i began to realize how addiction can drastically change someone 's life and how that it 's not something to take lightly. It all begin on Watson road back in the early 2000’s. Growing up my dad was either in the city of locked in my basement. I vividly remember going down stairs in the basement as a 5 year old seeing hundreds of beer cans scattered around the floor. And that to my memory is where it began. Me and my older brother loved staying at our grandma…

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  • Pheena Berwick: A Short Story

    Pheena Berwick I stood there, rooted in place and unable to move. I wanted to turn away and run for the warm covers of my bed. I found that despite the urge to run I couldn’t make my feet move. I had to know the whole story despite how terrible the truth seemed to be. I remember how strange of a day that it had been previously, all of it started with that morning. I have always loved to explore, adventure, and sneak around. Late at night I would often slide out of bed and sneak around the…

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  • Barbed Wire Monologue

    As I grasped the barbed wire with my bare, dry hands I wondered. “How did I let myself get this bad?” I was in a all male full security prison for the rest of my life. Just because of one mistake. The barbed wire goes through my hand, I can feel it hitting my bone but that's it. I can't feel anything. It's almost like my body has given up. It's like I've had so much pain in my life that my body can no longer take it so it is shutting down. I can hear the dogs getting closer and closer to me. I…

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  • Creative Writing: The Devil Splicer

    A brief flash of light and I found myself on the familiar grounds, surrounded by a few shipping containers, bent metal, and an enormous, spherical machine with an orange core that lit up the open splotches on its surface. This was the gateway to the Devil Splicer’s lair, where we could take out the Splicer’s leaders, and where I could possibly gain control of SIVA for myself. The area I was in was no different compared to the first time I had traversed through here. The grounds were still…

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  • Lilith: A Narrative Fiction

    "I wish it was Eden, the Stars were there, you used to love the stars Lilith, I remember," he murmured, slumping back against the bed. His eyes closed "I liked eden, but there's no point in thinking about it....father he...traps me here..." He brushed his hands through his hair, he'd never spoken of his father...he didn't like to think about it. Though, he distracted himself from the troubling thoughts by groping the younger. His hands tailed over the pale skin, indulging himself in it hungrily.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Son And Brother

    The best word to describe who I am as a person is kind of impossible for me to decide. So I 'll pick two words: son and brother. The reason for it being impossible, is because half of who I am is brought about from me being a son, and the other half from being a brother. So to have me choose between the two wouldn 't do me any justice. Nor would it accurately describe me as a person, the morals I follow, and why I follow those morals. By being a brother and son, it brought out certain…

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  • Narrative Essay In English

    Sitting in class my stomach was twisting inside me, the teacher 's voice was a dull buzz, background noise to my thoughts. Anxiety rose like bile in my throat and made it hard to breathe. I couldn 't stop thinking about it, i was finally going to tell someone. The thought of telling made my stomach nearly combust, but i had been keeping this in for far too long. The air was so hot and damp in the classroom, it only made my anxiety worse and no matter how hard i tried i couldn 't focus on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Pet Don T Running Away

    My pet ran away and I know she isn 't coming back this time. As I lay on the couch, I start to worry. She left a few hours ago and I can 't help but think about the events that occurred before she ran away. It first started when a continuous buzzing noise, followed by a repetitive beeping sound, wouldn’t stop. It bothered my sensitive ears so I rolled over, trying to ignore it. My pet also seemed like she was trying to ignore it as well, but neither of us could. She sat up and I curled up…

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