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  • Argumentative Essay: Who Is The Surfer?

    In 1964 a young surf freak called Sherman Poppen was dreaming about surfing the magic winter landscape of the Rockies. As a consequence, he built a surfboard for the snow. His first prototype was an about 1,20 m long plastic plank: two kids' skis bolted together. It was a present for his daughter Wendy which soon was a winner in the neighbourhood. One year later, in 1965, his idea was put into production: Carried out together with a bowling-ball manufacturer, the now called "snurfer” found its way through toy-stores under the Christmas trees. For the unbeatable price of $15, one million snurfers were sold in the 10 years following, and Mr. Poppen soon began to establish a competition series. But the snurfer as a mass phenomenon disappeared as quickly as he had emerged from the white surf of the Rockies. Nothing else but the vague memory of an uncontrollable toy stayed in most people's minds. It was close to be the end of a fantastic idea - surfing the winter mountains -if there wouldn't have been blokes like Dimitrije Milovich or Jake Burton Carpenter. In 1970, Milovich, an east coast surfer, had an idea while he was…

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  • Speech About Snowboarding

    Have you ever tried snowboarding? If you have,then great,but if you haven’t,these are some reasons why you should AT LEAST try it. Why not?The chance of getting hurt is 2-4/1000 each day.And, some of the most skilled people of the world (at anything) had to take the risk of actually trying it a first time and pushing through with it. Finally,don’t try once and quit.You have to push to get better at anything,including snowboarding. Why should you try?Snowboarding is a awesome,cool,fun sport.It…

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  • Narrative Essay On Snowboarding

    During spring break of 2016 I went to Winter Park, Colorado. That was the first time I had ever snowboarded. I had skied as a kid but I always wanted to snowboard. For Spring Break, my 19 year old brother put together a group to go skiing and snowboarding. The Friday night after everyone was out of school and off work, we went on our way to Winter Park. My best friend, Jade, got to come on the trip as well and we learned to snowboard together. We had to tell ourselves to be open-minded and don’t…

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