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  • Disadvantages Of Skiing

    Two Surprisingly Different Types of Skiing Thump! That is the sound of my body hitting the ground during my first time snow skiing. Splash! That is the sound of my body hitting the water over and over again as I am trying to learn how to water ski for the first time. I have recently had the privilege to be able to experience both water skiing and snow skiing. I was able to learn how to water ski for the first time this last summer; I went snow skiing for the first time this winter. Even though they have similar names, they are each unique and different from each other. There was definitely a learning curve for both of these activities as I started as a beginner. However, I had a tremendous amount of fun learning how to do these two activities, and I would recommend to everyone to try these activities. They both have their challenges and enjoyable aspects. Water skiing and snow skiing are similar and different in many ways including difficulty level, atmosphere and environment, and equipment and supplies. The first way that…

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  • How To Grow Skiing

    Skiing gives me a chance to be free from worry and stress that comes with being a highschool student and meet new people. I started skiing when I was six years old and fell in love with it. By the time I was nine I had mastered the blue and black diamond trails and wanted to do morel. I turned to the terrain park, which is where the jumps and rails are located. My friends and I would egg each other on to go off them and try new tricks. By the time I was 15, I began going off the expert-level…

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  • Skiing Descriptive Writing

    Me. Colorado. Mountains. Skiing. 12,510 feet. Nothing brings more enthusiasm than knowing you’re about to be carried over two miles in elevation by a rickety bench hanging from a cable, only to slide all the way down on a couple narrow strips of plastic. The entire experience of skiing creates an exhilarating sense of adrenaline beginning with the chair lift, standing at the top, and the trip down. At the base of the hill, I look up at the immensity before me. With my skis clicked in, my…

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  • The Joy Of Skiing

    think of Vail, they think of just skiing. When I think of Vail, I think of the diverse people, the food, the snow, skiing, swimming, and so much fun with my family! I honestly love Vail, Colorado! It is one of my favorite places that I’ve been to, and Vail is special to me because we go there skiing every year. My aunt lives in Vail, and we visit her every year when we’re skiing. Since I know the town so well, it’s like a second home to me! One of my biggest memories I have of Vail is the hot…

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  • Essay On Skiing

    ## ORIGINAL Top Short Description:: Top Short Description:: It’s difficult to recall when skiing didn’t hold a significance part of winter outdoor experience, both for kids and adults. It all begins with the physical fumbles, awkward fraternity, and uncertain amusement for many kids. Eventually it becomes a frequent habit that it becomes an uphill task getting them off the slopes. But, skiing can’t be fun without appropriate kids’ skis that match their height, weight, and ability. We have…

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  • Personal Narrative: Skiing

    “Somethings are More Fun Than Expected” A moment that has changed my life was when I learned how to ski. I had been being harped on forever to try it. Skiing can be breathe taking, nerve racking, and fun all at the same time. For several years I have wanted to try it but deep down I was always way to nervous. Finally, I told myself you have to try it to know if you're going to like it. The day has finally come! I went running to my mom "The next time we are at Cuba Lake I'm…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Skiing

    Skiing is a great way to exercise, yet have fun. I ski because I like the feeling of going really fast down a steep snow covered hill and catching really big air. I like any type of skiing, downhill, cross country, even backcountry. I love the feeling I get when I am in the air for a long time. I also like the vibe that a ski resort gives off. There are the ski bums(that are there everyday), the crazy ski team kids that send it off anything, and the first timers, everyone is having fun. I like…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Way Of Skiing

    thing that I have observed from my many years of skiing is that bowing to fear is not the way I want to live. I learned this when I had a massive face plant that bloodied my face, broke both my helmet and my goggles, gave me a concussion, and forced my lower lip to inflate to the size of a cocktail wiener. I only remember coming back to full consciousness in the ski patrol hut seeing my normally khaki colored glove now dripping a scarlet red, and a patrolman, who was not the nicest person in the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Skiing

    “I know you can do it,” my dad said. I was slowly moving my skies forward only skiing for my third time. When trees were next to me and the parking lot all the way down I knew this couldn't be good. I just flew down the hill where my skies were almost of the hill. With the snow in my face, the wind making me ears cold, and the fact that I had no idea where I was going I was frightened. I was so scared to keep on skiing, I was just about to plan to fall over. I opened my eyes and there I was on…

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  • Personal Narrative: Snow Skiing

    For my family vacation when I was 14 my family and I went to Ruidoso, New Mexico to go snow skiing. My Mom, Dad, Brother, and I went the year before, so we decided to invite my aunt or uncles for our second trip.It took us around 10 hours to get there with all the traffic. Since it was going to be such a long drive, we left at midnight. So that we could drive through the night to make the drive seem shorter. We ended up getting there at like 8 or 9 the next morning. All we wanted to do was hit…

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