Disadvantages Of Skiing

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Two Surprisingly Different Types of Skiing Thump! That is the sound of my body hitting the ground during my first time snow skiing. Splash! That is the sound of my body hitting the water over and over again as I am trying to learn how to water ski for the first time. I have recently had the privilege to be able to experience both water skiing and snow skiing. I was able to learn how to water ski for the first time this last summer; I went snow skiing for the first time this winter. Even though they have similar names, they are each unique and different from each other. There was definitely a learning curve for both of these activities as I started as a beginner. However, I had a tremendous amount of fun learning how to do these two activities, and I would recommend to everyone to try these activities. They both have their challenges and enjoyable aspects. Water skiing and snow skiing are similar and different in many ways including difficulty level, atmosphere and environment, and equipment and supplies. The first way that …show more content…
Of course, water skiing is done in the summer, and snow skiing is done in the winter. This is because in order to water ski, a lake or large body of water is needed. To snow ski, a large hill and snow are both needed. When water skiing, the skier is being pulled behind a boat. The boat creates a wake, and this wake actually makes skiing easier for the skier because there are less waves in the wake of the boat. Outside of the wake, there are much more waves that are more intense. Snow skiers need to have a way to get to the top of the large hill that they are going to ski down. Ski lifts are typically used to bring skiers to the top of a hill or mountain. It takes quite a bit of time to get to the top and be ready to ski down the hill or mountain. Both water and snow skiers have to deal with wind because they are both moving relatively

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