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  • Being A Positive Role Model

    your child. I always tell my girls to be their own person and they can be whatever the set their minds to be. My first self-check with keeping an open mind was when I was shopping for school clothes with my then 7yr old daughter, Amarrah. I was reaching for a skirt for her to look at and she said “Mom, I don’t feel comfortable in skirts. dresses, or skorts.” I looked at her kind of funny and said, “How do you know what comfortable is?” I put the skirt down and proceeded to buy her shorts and pants for that school year even though I wanted her in skirts and dresses. My second big self-check was when I was having a conversation with my youngest daughter, Aniyah, about what she wanted to be when she grew up. After her recent visit to a local fire department she told me she wanted to be a firefighter. I turned up my face and said no, how about being a doctor or better yet a lawyer since she is argumentative. She said “Mom, you always tell us we can be whatever we want to be. Why can’t I be a firefighter?” At that moment, I had to tell her she was right and I just want to make sure she is safe and I was scared something would happen to her. In those two instances if I didn’t keep an open mind and pushed my daughter to wear a skirt or told the other she couldn’t be a firefighter I would have indirectly told them don’t be yourself. That could have potentially lead to self-esteem issues. With having an open mind, you must be patient. Being patient not only can help keep you sane,…

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  • Women's Role Of Women: Life Before And After World War II

    This left the door open for women like Constance Bowman and Clara Marie Allen to gain the opportunities to work in jobs previously only assigned to men. Bowman and Allen give real life accounts in the book regarding topics about social class, patriotism, and the idea of women leaving the home. Social class among women in the eyes of Constance and Clara were the women who wore slacks and those who wore skirts. Constance states “that is was a great shock to C.M. and me to find that being a lady…

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  • Children Of The Black Skirt Analysis

    Children of the Black Skirt is an Australian gothic performance. Written by Angela Betzien, published in 2005, and directed by Leticia Caceres. (Realtv, n.d.) The storyline of this historical Australian gothic performance is of three lost children discover an abandoned orphanage in the bush and learn a national history of Australia through the spirits of children who are trapped there. As their stories are told their spirits are released. These stories range from convict times, World War Two and…

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  • Harrison Wade Research Paper

    Replacing hooks with holiday-themed ribbons can increase the color, creativity, and safety of a Christmas tree (“Christmas Tree”). While removing the hooks, all sharp-edged ornaments such as picture frames and snowflakes should also be taken off of the tree. Even if these ornaments are hung out of reach, they can drop onto the hands, feet, or head of an unsuspecting child. Speaking of dropping, Christmas trees have sharp needles that tend to fall and become embedded in the carpet or tree skirt…

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  • Procrastination In 'The Master Taiors And The Teachers'

    The Master Tailor and The Teachers Skirt revolves around the procrastination of characters. The tailor and the characters in the story procrastinate multiple things and it can affect people. Everyone tends to procrastinate at some point in time though some people tend to do more than others. The story shows how procrastination negatively effects people and the tailors business as well as the customers as the tone of the story follows the mood. A teacher comes into the tailor shop to get a skirt…

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  • The Coatlicue Statue In The National Museum Of Anthropology In Mexico

    The vivid detail in the snake skirt make it appear lifelike and very terrifying. The uniformed scales on each snake was done with very precise detail. The sequence of the alternating snake head and rattle of the snake, gives the dress the depth that it was a created piece of clothing and that the snakes were not just on her in that particular area. Furthermore, the alternating heads give the dress a sense of style. The use of round shapes dominates the statue, whether it be from the snake skirt,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Woman's Body

    girls were sent home from school because their skirts were deemed too short and boys could not concentrate.The girls told Three Counties Radio that they felt “humiliated and did not want to go again on Monday.” Similarly, at Woodford County High School in Kentucky, 16 sophomore girls were sent home for wearing a cardigan that did not conform to the rules. Etobicoke Arts School, in Toronto Canada, a senior student was dresscoded for her crop top. Instead of covering up, she and her friends…

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  • Louis Vuitton Clothing Analysis

    Introduction Louis Vuitton has always taken fashion to new heights and with his latest campaign he uses Jaden Smith to do exactly that. Vuitton’s latest campaign host Jaden Smith rocking a fringe bottomed striped top, a leather jacket, and a skirt. This is no new choice of clothing for Jaden as he has taken an extreme interest in clothing deemed “unsuitable for men”, but this has taken the views of modern society by shock alone. In this article I will be discussing the use of clothing, color,…

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  • Modern Fashion Research Paper

    It was an electric, very young and very individualistic femininity although it was absorbed by the mainstream very quickly. Grunge was featured in all the fashion magazines and even managed to draw in politics when President Clinton issued a warning about grunge’s glorification of drugs and declared that he was minded to forbid its further dissemination. I admire the 1990’s fashion because they had a bit of everything really; they had short skirts, long skirt, long coats, short coats, jeans,…

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  • Why Is It Important To Wear School Uniforms Be Required

    School uniforms should not be required. Sometimes students feel uncomfortable wearing certain styles such as, dresses and skirts for the females. Uniforms can cause rashes or irritation to some students who have sensitive skin. Enforcing uniforms does not decrease bullying. Uniforms limit self - expression because the students are forced to wear the same outfit everyday, the uniforms take away each child’s uniqueness. Even if the school provides different styles of uniforms, they cost parents…

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