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  • Cranial Deformation Essay

    Artificial cranial deformation—or the practice of intentionally altering the shape of a person’s skull—has been practiced by Neanderthals about 40,000 years ago until very recently, maybe even still today. People on every continent except Antarctica have done it, making heads more cylindrical, cone-shaped, and ridge, bumpier or flat depending on the area. (Romero, et al 2010: 2-5) This paper argues that Mayans practiced cranial deformation to show an association with a particular social group. Further research should focus on the effects of cranial modification on effects. Mayan methods of skull deformation. The two heads on the right were shaped with wooden boards. Image: Fruitpunchline/Wikimedia Commons Introduction The first cranial deformations may have been by accident. Infants are born with lots of different bones in their skulls, which enables them to exit the womb more easily and for their brains to grow. By age five, the gaps between the bones start to combine together to make the skull more contiguous, like we see in adults. It’s easy to opine that a baby with a soft skull that lies for a long time while his mother is working would get a partial flattened skull as a…

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  • Flying Fish Evolution

    gland is believed to have originated for keeping permeable eggs moist and providing offspring with fluids. Nowadays, female jerboas use mammary glands to feed offspring and supply them with proper nutrition. Another structural key the jerboa’s integument is hair. Hair developed from an interaction between the dermal papilla and the epidermis. The skulls of the flying fish and the jerboa are formed of the same subunits. However, they different slightly in design and jaw articulation. The…

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  • Arteriovenous Malformation Case Study

    will be managed with surgery, much like the video I watched. Prior to the surgery, the hair on the head will be cut very short and the area will be sanitized. The head/skull is secured to the table with screws to prevent the slightest movements during surgery. To begin the surgery an incision is made in the skin above the area of the AVM and the soft tissue is folded back to expose the skull. There are clamps placed around the opening made in the skin to hold it back and out of the way.…

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  • Ossification In Fetal Development Essay

    cartilage tissue that is constantly replaced by new bone tissue as the bone grows. Cartilages cells at the edges of the plate form new bone. It is responsible for the lengthening of the bones during childhood. After the bone has reached its full growth, then it calcifies and disappears. If damage occurs in the growth plate, then it may not reach its full growth, which may mean that particular bone could be unable to reach its full growth. • Which bone in the skull has an opening to allow the…

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  • Your Inner Fish Analysis

    foundation of genes within the DNA and how every trait and characteristic we carry, has a history of our ancestors, that connects all organisms to one common ancestor; articulating the importance of adaptation and evolution. Again, throughout the book, we see more similarities compared to differences between each organism; from fish, to amphibian, to humans, we each share common traits that have stemmed from the adaptation of a previous organism from millions to billions of years ago. Small but…

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  • Mary Anointing Jesus Analysis

    Yet upon a second more detailed examination, traditional elements of composition began to appear. In the center of the piece, there is an identifiable pyramidal structure of the figures, with the reclining nude upon the boot at the base, the three figures, Mary, Jesus, and the contemplative apostle in the back, making up the body of the pyramid, and sun-ring at the top. Vanity and lust fall below qualities of compassion and wisdom, which ultimately is under godliness and piety. Another…

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  • Bone Fracture Case Study

    Abstract Caitlyn Jenner a 65 year old female patient fell down a marble staircase and hit the left side of her skull twice when she was rushed into the emergency room. After radiographic images were taken and a skull series was performed it was evident that the patient had an open communited depressed fracture of the left temporal bone. Other radiological modalities were utilized in diagnosing the type and severity of her fracture. After diagnosis was made apparent then the appropriate…

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  • A Girl Named Mischief: A Short Story

    there for a second, trying to figure out how to negotiate the barrier when I saw Jimmy Blackjack’s skeleton in a niche opposite the rubble. As I stared at cobweb-covered bones, I realized that they don’t want me. They wanted the Stone. I had to ditch it. The only question was: Where? Placing it under a rock would be risky. All the rocks down here looked the same, and if I used my chalk to mark the spot, someone might see the footprint. I glanced around the passageway, wishing I could find the…

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  • The Thin Skull Rule V. Mustapha Case: The Thin Skull Rule

    particularly more fragile than the norm. So, is the court’s decision consistent with the Thin Skull Rule? Does the Court’s decision have any impact on the it? Under the Thin Skull Rule, if someone harmed another person who looks normal but has an extremely ‘thin skull’, the defendant who injured the ‘thin skull’ must be responsible for all the damages the plaintiff incurred, even though the damage would be much greater compare to the harm that a normal person could suffer. It is based on the…

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  • Yorick's Skull In Hamlet

    1. In act five scene one, Hamlet official makes it onto the land of Denmark and he is with Horatio at the church’s burial grounds, where they encounter two gravediggers digging a grave for someone who has passed. After watching the first gravedigger tossing skulls as he sings songs, Hamlet approaches him; however, the gravedigger does not know that it is Hamlet, so he speaks to him in what he calls a sharp manner. One of the skulls was Yorick’s, a court jester, whom Hamlet knew as a child.…

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