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  • Gender In The Slasher Film Essay

    Films are universally known to generalize individuals especially in relation to their gender. Though they contain different themes, movies follow a similar pattern; the beautiful, innocent woman is recused by an attractive, strong male. In Carol J. Clover’s article, “Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film”, she explores a new emerging pattern in horror cinema where the woman herself becomes the hero. Clover’s purpose in writing her article is to help her audience become familiar with the idea of cross gender identification. This is where the male audience is compelled to associate themselves with the strong independent female. In this essay, I will analyze how Clover uses female characters in horror films to display the visible adjustment in terms of gender representation through her various examples in slasher movies. Slasher films invite and target a male audience to identify with the female protagonist. Clover defines slasher films as, “The immensely generative story of a psycho killer who slashes to death a string of mostly female victims, one by one, until he himself is subdued or killed, usually by the on girl who has survived” (195). This “female victim-hero”, who has survived the raft of the villain, is known as the Final Girl. The Final Girl, is introduced at the beginning of the…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho: Slasher Film

    Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock introduced an important kind of movie, the slasher film, to America in 1968. Notably, there is a really good background to the film. In fact, it had lots of facts the world would be dying to know. Next, it has a bunch of effects that I was shocked once I had heard. In all, Psycho is a pretty good movie in general. This movie Psycho was created in the 1960s and then later on it was copied and re-written to a more famous version of 1998. Foremost, Alfred referred…

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  • Onibaba Gothic Horror

    Onibaba: Art Film or Prestige Horror? What is or is not horror is defined by the viewer, and with that perspective, it is within my role as the viewer to declare Onibaba, prestige art film, a horror film as well. In the Kawin reading, we are told that "bad horror" is a "spectacle", full of meaningless death and gore, with no investment required by the viewer, or greater message to provide (325). "Good horror" guides the viewer to psychological understanding of human nature and teaches us…

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  • Clasher Films: Pop Culture Analysis

    The basic structure of this research was pop culture analysis; I would watch three slasher films and observe certain elements within the film in order to infer how they represented society 's values. In order to observe the cultural phenomenon of the slasher film in its purest form, I selected three slasher films from the genre 's early days of popularity. This was to ensure that I was getting an accurate representation of a slasher film before the genre was parodied and exploited. Many…

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  • Peeping Tom Analysis

    Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom (1960) is a pseudo snuff film centred on the act of voyeurism. Although, Peeping Tom predates the horror subgenre, slashers, it still upholds the psychosexual elements that reside in such films (Clover). Released in the same year as Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960), Peeping Tom can be cited as the aforementioned British equivalent, as the male central characters seem to share sadistic and psychopathic qualities. This film proves to be a self-reflexive metafilm as it…

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  • The Abject In Horror Film

    The slasher film to some viewers has been written off and categorized as a film not worth watching. Typically viewers decide that this genre may be too violent, graphic, or misogynistic. However, slasher films, like many horror movies, may offer a commentary on society or the human condition. An approach to understanding such films is through the concept of the ‘abject’. It is the disturbance of boundaries that threaten things such as an individual’s identity or societal order Abjection…

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  • Horror Movies Persuasive Speech

    Introduction Look around you, does where you are look uniformly ominous. Are you being chased by an unusually powerful or intelligent being. Well congratulations! You are in a horror film! It may not sound that great because it is not. You are probably going to die, but if you read this guide you might not. So let’s get started! The most important thing I could tell anyone in your situation right now is “don’t be stupid”. It has been said in so many television shows and movies. “Dont go in there…

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  • Low Budget Horror Film Analysis

    most sought after scripts in Hollywood. These types of films have a built in fan base and are generally considered to be a low risk investment compared to high concept action movies or dramatic period pieces. Think about movies like Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project. Paranormal Activity cost a mere $15,000 to make but raked in over $193 million dollars in profit worldwide. The Blair Witch Project cost a total of $60,000 to make and made $248 million dollars in profit worldwide.…

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  • John Carpenter's Halloween Film Analysis

    can be called a horror film, it may easily be classified as a slasher film. Slasher films typically revolve around a twisted serial killer molded by adversity faced throughout life. They usually target young, attractive adults in desolate areas. Throughout the movie, Jaume Coller-Serra effectively uses these common characteristics in his film along with a few others. After 1978 people began to view horror films differently. Instead of connecting horror films to supernatural creatures like…

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  • Linda Williams '' Film Bodies: Gender, Genre And Excess'

    In Linda Williams “Film Bodies: Gender, Genre and Excess”, she discusses the way films can provide viewers with a sensational reaction to the physicality of the body whether being in acts of pleasure or pure disgust. What I found interesting was Williams perspective on the way one receives what her adolescent son phrases as “gross” movies. Williams’s depiction of “gross” movies are horror films that tend to have vigorous violence or disdain towards female promiscuous characters. A convention of…

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