The Consequences And Effects Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

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Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock introduced an important kind of movie, the slasher film, to America in 1968. Notably, there is a really good background to the film. In fact, it had lots of facts the world would be dying to know. Next, it has a bunch of effects that I was shocked once I had heard. In all, Psycho is a pretty good movie in general.

This movie Psycho was created in the 1960s and then later on it was copied and re-written to a more famous version of 1998. Foremost, Alfred referred to his film as a film with a boy that had a troubled mother. In addition, People started to watch this film and not seeing this effect come along so well. Instead of reporting this they started to enjoy the horror film and forgot what Alfred said about
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This is because it has almost the same consistency. Plus, the movie was black and white so they could not tell that it was chocolate syrup. It was the first movie to even show blood. As well, They used a stunt double for Leigh’s kill. No movie ever even knew what a stunt double was, Psycho did not introduce that but they did create it. Detailed, the trailer was 6 mins long. In the 60s the trailers where 30 seconds long or less so this does explain how many things Psycho did differently. introduced.Next, lists, “To create the sound effect of the knife stabbing flesh, Alfred used a casaba,” This is a summary of how it happened. Alfred sent Bob Bone out to fetch a variety of melons. Hitchcock closed his eyes as Bob took turns stabbing watermelons, casabas, cantaloupes and honeydews.The director thought about it, opened his eyes to a table covered in fruit gore, and said, "Casaba." Another fact, the shower scene contained 78 pieces of edits. And no movie contained more than 60 edits in the whole movie. This movie contained more than 200 pieces of …show more content…
Well in this slide that is exactly what I will talk about.I will give two major effects in the movie. Psycho used casaba for a sound effect in the killing scene. This is because the director of the film did not really like how the watermelons sounded like. So instead he chose CASABAS. Another effect that he used was the black and white effect. Now it might not be a big deal, but really he hid a lot of stuff behind the black and white scene.Like, the skull was not really white it was orange-ish, he did not find a white skull so he used that instead. All of the hairs were actually kinda light blue,the skull he got had no hairs so he glued one by one, so the black and white effect actually did quite a lot of stuff we did not know about. Next, this was actually the first film to use so many effects and hidden evidence. In all, these are the major

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