Bones of the head and neck

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  • Alveolar Ridge Resorption

    Alveolar Ridge Resorption: Alveolar bone resorption is a normal physiologic response following teeth extraction. The causes of alveolar bone volume loss can occur before dental extraction due to periodontal disease, periapical pathology and trauma to the teeth and bone. (SchroppL et al.2003) (1, 2). Additionally, the traumatic removal of teeth can cause bone loss and must be prevented (1,3). Finally, the alveolar bone suffers atrophy after tooth extraction, which has been well documented (1, 4, 5). The bundle bone at the site obviously will lose its function and disappear (Botticelli et al. 2004, Arau ´jo&Lindhe 2005, Arau ´jo et al. 2008)(10,16).Thus, the healing process of post-extraction sites, including contour alterations caused by bone resorption and remodelling is essential for obtaining functional and esthetically satisfactory prosthetic reconstructions.(1,3) The resorption and remodeling of the alveolar ridge after tooth removal is a natural healing phenomenon, which is physiologically undesirable and possibly inevitable and can negatively impact…

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  • Describe The Structure Of The Nasal Bone

    1. Nasal bone a. These bones serve as attachments sites for the cartilaginous tissues that shape the nose (AnatomyExpert, 2014). 2. Nasal Cartilage a. The nasal cartilage articulates with the ethmoid bone to anteriorly separate the nasal passage into two halves (Starkey, Brown, & Ryan, 2011). 3. Zygoma a. The zygoma is a sturture that fused to the maxilla and the temporal bones to form the prominent zygomatic arch beneath the eyes (Starkey, et al., 2011). 4. Maxilla a. The main functions for the…

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  • Missing Person Case Studies

    Gender was the longest test done. I measured the pelvis, skull, tibia and humerus. The results were astonishing. I used a female and male pelvis pictures, vernier calipers, tape measure, a ruler, and protractor to find the angles and or lengths of parts of the bones. I measured the sub-pubic angle first and it came out to be 90 degrees(male). Next, the pubis body width, it measured out to be 25-30 mm long(male). The Greater Sciatic Notch was less than 68 degrees which came out to be female.…

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  • Missing Person Observation

    Bones that were taken from the body at the crime scene went under much analysis in order to determine the gender, race, height, and age of the missing person that was retrieved. The first part of data was retrieved in order to determine the gender of the missing person. The pelvic bone was analyzed first. The first measurement made was for the degree of the Sub-Pubic angle and gave forth the measurement of 84 degrees. This test, however, was redone and the final determination of the angle is…

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  • Head And Neck Research Paper

    The head and neck are part of the body that is very important integrating several systems. A lot of vital activities like eating, drinking, seeing, hearing and breathing are done through the head structures. When the nurse assess those the head and the neck it is s assessing several systems at the same time. The eyes are located in the orbital cavities of the skull is an important part of the head and its function is essential to perform different activities. The ears are one of the structures…

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  • Two Main Neck Muscles

    The two main neck muscles are the sternocleidomastoid and the trapezius, and are responsible for the gross motor movement in the muscular system of the head, neck and shoulders. The sternocleidomastoid muscle is a paired muscle, located at the front and on each side of the neck. It is one of the largest and most superficial cervical muscles. The primary actions of the muscle are rotation of the head to the opposite side and flexion of the neck. The trapezius is one of the biggest shoulder and…

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  • Why Do Neck Pains Occur?

    The neck is the most important part of our body. It connects our brain with the rest of the organs and veins. The medical term for the neck is the cervical spine. This cervical spine starts right beneath your head to your starting of the torso. It contains seven small vertebrae bones that are joined together to give a structure of the neck. Why do Neck Pains Occur? Cervical spines can face pain for many reasons. For example, accidents or injury can cause severe pain in the neck. A certain move…

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  • Classification Of The Brontosaurus: Sauropod Dinosaur

    With the long neck, this herbivore browsed tall trees for food and held its neck high in the air when alert. Due to this dinosaur’s size, muscle movement, and recoil after each stride, it moved slowly and probably covered between 12 and 25 miles in a single day in an average 12-19 miles per hour speed. The claws were probably for defense, feeding, or grasping. There exist several theories referring to Brontosaurus’ respiratory system that aims to explain its metabolic rates, including, a…

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  • Edema Case Studies

    resulting more joint destruction. • Patient will also suffering for tendon ruptures due to the rubbing against eroded bone. • Inflammation occur. • Pain, swelling and limited range of motion is the result of the inflammation. • Swelling and rope-like thickening occurs at the extensor…

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  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

    and connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments are gradually replaced by bone. The extra skeletal bone formation causes the person loss of mobility as the joint become affected. Overtime the person affected with FOP has difficulty difficulties breathing, speaking, and eating. Due to their eating problem they may experience malnutrition. Signs and symptoms of FOP can be observed as early as the birth of the person. Malformation of the person’s toes (short, bend and sometimes curves inward)…

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