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  • Touch Of Evil And Breakfast At Tiffany's Analysis

    lot of commotion just like the music. At 21:37 the music is much quieter and less chaotic than in the beginning when Vargas is walking but then at 22:04 it gets much more upbeat when Susie sees someone across the street from her looking in on her and you hear bongo drums and it perfectly matches the tone of the scene and it has the same foundation as the scene before it when Vargas is walking it sounds like trumpet or saxophone and tense like it did after Vargas left Quinlan but this time bongos are on top of it. Suzie here is very annoyed and frantic and is yelling at the person on the other side of the street. At 23:19 the same bongos are going but it’s much faster and the trumpets that were playing when Vargas was walking is the same in this scene just much faster because this is when Grandi is chasing his nephew. During the scene a 52:50 where Suzie is at the motel it’s the same song at the beginning and at this scene, there is also a lot of commotion just like in the beginning. 53:25 where Vargas is riding with Schwartz it is a mariachi band playing which doesn’t seem like it would go with this scene because the speed they are driving is much faster than the music so you would think Mancini would have had fast bongos like before. However, because at this scene it seems like Vargas and Schwartz are kind of in the ‘heart’ of Mexico if you will I think Mancini places it here for the audience to not forget where they are and why it is important to remember that this is set…

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  • Funeral Blues Poem Analysis

    continue living a life without his wife. The poet begins his poem and states, “Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone”, which is an immediate sign that he is frustrated. He orders the clocks to stop and the telephones to be cut off which points out that he wants to be alone and separated from the rest of the world. The poet is overemphasizing how sad and hopeless he is without his loved one. The poet wants everything to stop so that they too can mourn his wife’s death. The poet’s strong…

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  • Steel Drum Music Analysis

    Steel drum music has the ability to move an audience like no other type of music. From the first note, the songs exude a happiness from within each pannist. Even with the slower pieces, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tropical surrounding. The AISD concert, conducted by CJ Menge, which took place April 14, 2012 certainly did not disappoint. The concert was performed in Austin, Texas and featured steel drum bands from seven middle and high schools in the area. The first piece,…

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  • Taiko Drumming Case Study

    One of the main reasons why I chose this topic is that Japan is where my father is from but I was born in Korea so I was always curious on the type of music they would listen to especially in Canada. As a thesis statement I will argue that taiko drum performance scene has emerged in Toronto to sustain Japanese identity and to embrace their tradition of music culture. In the body of an essay, I will briefly examine the history of the music, techniques and the environments of the genre taiko.…

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  • Memorial Union Theatre: Concert Report

    This concert was performed at the Memorial Union theatre. The stage was set with 3 small sections of seating that could fit around 200 people. The seats were arranged in a way that created an atmosphere that felt much like an amphitheater. The stage is set with 3 small sections of instruments that all face the audience. One section is the Conga drums, the second is the piano and cello, and the last section is the drum set. The stage and the performers are set to a black backdrop that provides…

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  • Joyce Fletcher Whiplash

    Terence Fletcher. This is the final scene of the movie that makes every curse word, every humiliating comment, and every blood and sweat shed worth it. But once Andrew shows up prepared and confident for the show he is humiliated once again by Fletcher when he decides to play a song Andrew didn’t have the music sheet for. During this last scene Fletcher gives one of his smirks indicating him thinking he has defeated Andrew for good. When the song is over there is a moment of tension between the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fresh Beat Band

    So I continued to scroll through the menu until I saw a program playing called “Drumline”. I knew what the word drum was because I saw a picture of one on the alphabet line that my teacher had on the wall, so I went right ahead and clicked it. It turned out to be a movie and not a TV show, I found that kind of cool because the only channels that we had available in the house were only channels that broadcasted TV shows like telenovelas and not movies, Drumline became the very first movie I ever…

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  • Dementia Benefits

    community life. A review of the literature on the therapeutic benefits of music reveals that vibrotactile rhythm playing, the drum circle, is one activity that would be suitable for implementation with diverse groups within long-term care facilities. In particular, preliminary research indicates that rhythm applications are very successful with persons who are severely regressed with dementia and who can no longer function well enough to maintain their activities of daily living and require…

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  • Taiko Drumming History

    A common sea shanty that remains performed by amateur university groups and professional Taiko masters alike is called Soran-Bushi. Soran-Bushi was historically sung by the fishermen of Hokkaido.(Hughes) In the case of Soran-Bushi, Taiko drums established the rhythm for lifting catch out of the sea via otamo, giant nets that could be up to 6 meters deep. Various words echoed in the song corresponded to a number of synchronized actions, as the fishermen used the otamo to lift fish from large sea…

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  • Elementary School Physical Education Observation

    microphone so that the students could hear her and her not have to yell. To get the students quiet she would clap one to two times. Rarely did she have to get on to the students for not following the rules. Another rule that went with the activity was when the teacher was getting the next song ready the drumsticks or pool sticks were to be placed up under the students arms. This incorporated safety in that the students wouldn't be hitting each other with the sticks. Another rule she had was no…

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