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  • The Sedona Culture

    Valley—sliding down California past Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange County—to the aptly named city of Phoenix, Arizona. When we arrived, we found a desert brimming with abundance, from horned owls and saguaro cacti to the Fouquieria columnaris. The Fouquieria columnaris? The Fouquieria columnaris is a tree that grows to 50 feet with branches like spiny twigs that stick out at right angles. Short waxy leafs cover the whole thing. It blooms in the summer and fall; the flowers occur in hanging clusters that are a creamy yellow with a honey scent. It is a remarkable looking plant, something my wife compared to an upside down parsnip. The Fouquieria columnaris is not particular about the type of soil in which it is planted, and, as our tour guide at the Phoenix-area Boyce Thompson Arboretum explains, when a specimen was brought north from the Baja peninsula, the first English botanist to lay eyes on it, Godfrey Sykes, thought it so spectacular that it could only resemble the fantasy creature from Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical poem The Hunting of the Snark, and so he dubbed it “Boojum”. It’s fitting that the Boojum name stuck, having been bequeathed in Tucson to a tree endemic to Mexico by man born in England. Arizona is like that. It bears itself with a most unique kind of balance, indescribable except to say that it lacks linearity. About three weeks into our residence, we take a daytrip to Sedona. The Phoenician pilgrimage to Sedona is analogous to the Washingtonian…

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  • Urban Trees Case Study

    Urban trees provide a wide range of environmental, ecological, social, cultural and economic benefits. However, as natural objects, they are constantly under stress, and living in an unnatural habitat, which will primarily affect the tree crown. In this study, the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), Crown Live Ratio (LCR), Crown Dieback (CDBK), Crown Transparency (CT), and Crown Chlorosis (CC) of trees at University of Toronto – St. George campus were assessed by field measurements and Google…

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  • The Four Movies Analysis

    I love the scene when Crysta flew across the trees and flowers, and all the animals and insects sang songs with her, it looks like a wonderland. What’s more, in Pocahontas, natives live in an agricultural society, they stay peacefully with animals, and the try to listen to the sound of the natural environment such as the sound of wind or the sound of trees, the scene when Pocahontas stood on the edge of the mountain and surrounded by soft wind and flying colorful petals, it feels like that the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up To A Tree House

    We jumped back of the back and bursted into a run to catch up to him. We followed a trail of trees marked with red paint until we stopped in front of a old oak tree. I looked around and my face fell. I saw Tabby was just as confused as I was. My grandpa laughed and told us to look up. Hidden up in the branches was what looked to be a tree house. I could feel the excitement come over me, but then my grandpa told us to stay where we were. I watch as he climb up into the branches of the mighty oak.…

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  • Deforestation Reflection Reflection

    Mary thinks that, at this point, the most suitable countermeasure for deforestation seems to be reforestation. Reforestation will help to rebuild and restore habitats for many wildlife species, stabilize the CO2 cycle, normalize the water cycle, reduce the soil erosion, and increase the CO2 storage capacity of the trees. Philip provides another potential solution. He mentions that another solution is shifting the human beings to a diet plan that is wholesomely based on plants. This will decrease…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Monet

    There is also the feeling that the artist must have had to be in a higher elevation that the scenery allowing him to observe the people and the house in the capacity that it is displayed in the painting. Male and female figures can be identified in the painting, only by what they are wearing. Monet make this distinction by painting them with forms that resemble dress and pants on the figures. In the painting Monet choose to represent ordinary people doing ordinated thing, in a country side were…

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  • Deciduous Forest Research Paper

    There are many different biomes in the world. One very interesting biome includes the deciduous forest. This biome has many wonders and it’s the home to many fascinating creatures. The Kodkod is an example of one of the animals that live in this biome. The Kodkod has found great ways to adapt and survive in it’s habitat, the deciduous forest. Deciduous forests are located all over the world. From the eastern half of North America, the middle of Europe, Asia, to South America. Some of the…

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  • The Importance Of Trees In Anderson's Speak

    feels like she can truly be open and be herself is in her art class. When her teacher, Mr. Freeman, assigns her with drawing trees for the whole year, she thinks it is going to be an easy task. What she comes to understand is that for the tree to be a great piece of art, she needs to put all of her emotions into making it. As Melinda draws her trees throughout the stories, she is constantly changing the way she is drawing them because they are not perfect. But as the story progresses Melinda…

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  • The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB)

    Dieback (FD). PSHB is a native Southeast Asia adult female beetle that carries undescribed fungal symbiont called Fusarium euwallacea (Fusarium e.) [1]. These female beetles bore into a tree and create brood galleries inside the wood. [1] The galleries then become shelters for PSHB to lay eggs and to raise the larvae. [1] The fungus that they carry to the tree is the main source of food for them and developing larvae. [1] However, Fusarium e. does not merely bring damage to the tree by hurting…

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  • How To Save The Rainforest Rhetorical Analysis

    The rainforest. I think the main purpose of this image is to inform the people and to open their eyes to a problem that we don't hear enough about, and it is probably one of the most important topics in my opinion. This image is successful by using many forms of rhetoric to get the attention of the audience. The first piece of Rhetoric I want to talk about that is used in this Advertisement is pathos. The relevance of emotion or also known as pathos is very relevant in this poster, and it…

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