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  • Feminist Criticism In John Milton's Paradise Lost

    intellectually superior to Eve. Adam often focuses on Eve’s outer self, emphasizing her physicality rather than her intellect. For instance, when archangel Raphael comes to the garden of Eden to reason with Adam, Adam acknowledges Eve as a physical temptation; he says, Transported touch; here passion first I felt, Commotion strange, in all enjoyments else Superior and unmoved, here only weak Against the charm of beauty’s powerful glance. (8. 530-33) Adam describes his urge for Eve and explains how he is tempted by her. Adam questions himself; he states that he is immune to all other pleasures in life, yet when it comes to Eve, he has no control over himself. Similarly, Adam’s fixation on Eve’s physical body is shown in book four, when the narrator describes Adam’s perception of Eve. When Eve resists Adam’s amorous intentions, she is described as: “Yielded with coy submission, modest pride, / And sweet reluctant amorous delay (4. 310-11). This portrays Adam’s ignorance for Eve’s true feelings, but also reveals his intentions towards Eve, which is experiencing bodily satisfaction through her. Adam interprets Eve’s oblivious nature as shyness; he assumes that Eve wants him to pacify and seduce her. Additionally, this is not the first-time Adam misinterprets Eve’s actions. For example, when Eve awakens and is led by a voice, (the divine), towards Adam, she is disappointed: Till I espied thee, fair indeed and tall,…

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  • Noah The Watchers

    The biggest difference is the presence and role of The Watchers. In the actual Bible, they are not mentioned until later on. However, in the Book of Enoch, it is explained that at first these fallen angels were entranced by the daughters of men, and so they had sex with the mortal women and gave way for the birth of the Nephilim. The Nephilim were giants that roamed the earth, savage creatures who wrecked the land and brought harm to people. The Nephilites are mentioned offhand in the Genesis –…

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  • Pearl Of Great Price Sacrifice Essay

    righteous people in the Pearl of Great Price, as well as present day. I will also show the qualifications and blessings of true sacrifice, as well as Satan’s counterfeits for sacrifice, because rest assured, every gospel truth has a deceptive opposite. First off, we need to establish the ultimate purpose of sacrifice in our lives and what it actually means. All of God’s actions are motivated by a desire to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39), and eternal…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Anthem, By Ayn Rand

    It is a sin to write and read the following. It shows the ways in which the character, Equality 72521 from the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, and how he was not in by any means wrong in writing what he had written. The following will go through the community, himself, and finally his independence from the community and his “brothers” of his old life. The community is the words you hear most often when talking about an environment. It’s one of those words we are all taught when we were younger about…

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  • The Yellow Wallpaper And The Boat By Alistair Macleod

    Art and literature are the foundation of life. Long before Netflix and social media existed, people used books to entertain themselves. Mason Cooley said “reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”. Even in 21st century, the age of technology, people use books as a source of entertainment and writing as a form of self-expression. Books and reading in general has many benefits like mental stimulation, gaining knowledge and much more. The function of books, reading and…

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  • My Reading Experience Essay

    The teacher I had was kind, funny, and she would read us books all the time. Up to that point, I had never had a teacher who made reading so much fun. She would read us these books that as a kid I found fascinating and riveting. There was one particular book that she read that I really enjoyed, it was called “Hank the Cowdog” and it was about a brown dog that was the sheriff of a farm and would solve any crime done on the farm, I mean what kid wouldn’t love that story. To top it all of she would…

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  • Writing Persuasive Speech

    Does the sight of a bookstore make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end? Do words leap off the page as you read a particularly good book? Do you long to put pen to page or, as is the tendency these days, fingers to keyboard, ready to create your very own world? Have you ever, in utter secrecy, given in to the controversial temptation of book-sniffing? Don't worry my friend, you are not alone. And chances are you're already a writer and you just haven't realised it yet. And, of course,…

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  • Johannes Gutenberg: The Invention Of The Printing Press

    Before the invention of the printing press, only monasteries, education institutes, and the extremely rich had books. It was a painstaking process to create a book because one had to measure and outline the page and then copy the text from another book. The invention of the printing press in 1445 by Johannes Gutenberg allowed for more books to be reproduced at a much quicker rate and for them and their information to be spread to people all over the world (Head). The invention of the printing…

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  • Response To Catcher In The Rye

    adolescence, books have become my sanctuary. Every moment of doubt or despair was made bearable by a book. I lived in a world created by my imagination, and each time reality disappointed me, books were there to catch me before I lost hope. On introspection, I realize that my love for books comes from a desire to find a relateable situation and character. It was a desire to be understood and empathised with that made me turn to books. Such is the power of empathy. It allows us to feel each…

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  • Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time Analysis

    STOP! Don’t put down this book that you’re reading! I know you find the title of this book interesting. And you’d say, “This must be an interesting eBook. But I’m dead busy now. I’ll get to it sometime later.”All right, my friend. When is that ‘later’ going to be? The ‘later’ might never come. If you stop reading this eBook now, I’m afraid procrastination has made an inroad. I’m sure you’re familiar with this popular expression: “Procrastination is the thief of time.” The statement was believed…

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