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  • Noah The Watchers

    Noah – not only to save the human race, but to further appease a god who although he idolized, could just as easily destroy Noah as well. In Darren Aronofsky’s modern adaptation of the story though, Noah is not helped nearly as much by his Creator as he is in the Bible. Through a series of prophetic dreams, Noah realizes on his own that God means to destroy the world and kill every living creature (Noah 10:55). These dreams are akin to the ones that inflict Gilgamesh in The Epic of Gilgamesh – eerie delusions that show destruction and instill fear in the victims of the dreams. In Noah, the dreams spur Noah to seek out Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather (Noah 24:33). Upon meeting him, Noah learns from Methuselah that his dreams were a sign from God, and this transfer of knowledge was a means to tell Noah that he was to save mankind (Noah 11:30). In the film, Methuselah wears an air of mystique, and seems almost like a godly figure, living far from civilization, isolated in a grand mountain. Noah also enlists the help of “The Watchers.” The Watchers, also known as “Grigori,” were fallen angels who were punished to roam the earth as giant, half-stone creatures until Judgment Day. The film relies heavily on the role of the Grigori, whereas in the Bible, the Grigori are never mentioned in the story of Noah – in fact, there is no mention of The Watchers until the Book of Enoch. There are many glaring differences between the story of Noah and how that story is portrayed in…

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  • Methuselah's Baseball Analysis

    In the book there is a very interesting symbol that is not touched on or talked about, the parrot Methuselah. The parrot was left behind by Brother Fowles, a former missionary, and minister in Kilanga. The parrot was taken care of by the Price family. Nathan Price resents the bird because Methuselah curses, and one day gets frustrated one day and releases him. Until that, Methuselah was kept in a cage and fed by his masters. Methuselah had forgotten how to fend for himself. The parrot continues…

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  • Poisonwood Bible Project Analysis

    For my Poisonwood Bible project I made an art piece with the focus on the entire Price family. The year is marked 1959(which is the year the Price family arrived at the Congo) but it contains ideas and symbols from throughout the whole book. The most noticeable thing on the canvas is the huge and colorful parrot flying above. The parrot is obviously Methuselah who is a notable character in the book and who also symbolizes the Congo. Some clear evidence why Methuselah and the Congo go together…

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  • Things Fall Apart Symbol Analysis

    ever was. In Poisonwood Bible symbolism also happens, but in this novel it's a parrot named Methusleah. It’s about the Price family who live in Georgia, but are called on a mission trop to Kilanga in the Congo. The parrot is given to them by Brother Fowless, and he lives with them in their home. He is a symbol for the Congo. Methuselah is a bird who should be free, but is kept in a cage to do the whites man will. He is taught unnecessarily things that he doesn't need to know,…

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  • Things Fall Apart Poisonwood Bible Symbol Analysis

    slowly-moving mass like a boundless sheet of black cloud drifting towards Umuofia”. When the first missionary arrived no one had ever seen someone that looked like him and so they went to the oracle and the oracle said that the missionary would break their clan and spread destruction among them. “This doom and gloom prophecy sounds a lot like the destruction that is often associated with swarming locusts themselves”. And in the end, the oracle’s prophecy was correct and the missionaries do end…

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  • Brian Jacques's Redwall, The Warrior Reborn

    Matthias is a great warrior, as it is revealed later in the story, but his wits always are his weakness, as again he is young. The antagonist, or bad guy if you will, in this novel is Cluny the Scourge. Cluny is the leader of an army of rats, who is out to kill the people of Redwall. Matthias comes into play, as he knows of Cluny coming. Matthias ends up fighting Cluny a few times. Cluny is known for being the evilist rat out there. Cluny is not actually only against Matthias, but again,…

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  • The Street By Ann Petry: Summary

    Bub because they are living in poverty nor did they want to live with Lil, who is her father’s girlfriend because she’s a bad influence. This is also a main theme of how blacks didn’t have good employment. Lutie finds a place where “colored people were allowed to live” (Petry 3). This signifies that blacks and whites were separated. She enters the building and finds that there are only “two apartments on the first floor” (Petry 8). Petry describes Lutie living in a really necessitous place. As…

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  • Shamelessness In Showtime's Shameless

    could to play the crucial role of her siblings lives. Whether it was performing illegal activities, emotionally draining herself, or causing brawls with her boyfriend, she strived to fit the “good mother” ideology. Fiona placed herself in extreme measures affecting her physical, mental, and psychological health for the best interest of her siblings. As natural as it was for Fiona to become the mother figure for her siblings, Fiona also developed masculine traits through her unfortunate…

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  • Symbolism In Things Fall Apart And The Poisonwood Bible

    The parrot is kept in a cage for most of his life and is denied the freedom to roam around where he pleases. He is also fed by the humans and this makes the parrot lose his ability to fend for himself because he relies on others to help him get his food. Not only does he get fed, but he also stays in a home because of his fear of predators that may be a threat to him. All of these qualities the parrot has represent the captivity the Price women find themselves in. They grow accustomed to not…

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  • Redwall Symbolism

    "Mice are my heroes because, like children, mice are little and have to learn to be courageous and use their wits." --Brian Jacques. Redwall, a stunning and rich book written by Brian Jacques, is pure bliss when reading. Although Redwall is a fantasy book, it portrays a rather medieval age feeling; and Brian Jacques is able to instantly set this with his archaic vocabulary. The main characters of this book include: Abbot Mortimer, Asmodeus Poisonteeth, Basil Stag Hare, Cluny the Scourge and…

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