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  • Sports Clothing In The 1970's

    women wore tighter and shinier clothing. “The style was tight, shiny, and neon-bright. Our hair was poofed and Aquanet-ed before hitting the gym and we loved our sweatbands, which I personally wish would make a comeback (talk about functional!). Women showcased their personalities (and other things) with animal prints, doubled up scrunchy socks, leg warmers, unitards(!), elastic belts and, heaven help us, thong leotards over bicycle shorts or shiny dance tights.” According to Fitness Industry’s Charlotte Andersen. (Andersen, Charlotte. "The Fitness Industry: Through the Years." Shape Magazine. N.p., 17 Oct. 2011. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.) The 1990s were the era of crop tops with high-rise shorts it was also the era of tracksuits. “We loved our matching Adidas tracksuits or cropped tank tops paired with high-rise bike shorts. And every girl accessorized with at least one scrunchy around your wrist (or ankle if you were really cool) to pull up our hair into that perfectly unperfect looped ponytail.” ( Andersen, Charlotte. "The Fitness Industry: Through the Years." Shape Magazine. N.p., 17 Oct. 2011. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.). This is also the era when cross training and fitness shoes started coming out. In the 2000s they wore Capri leggings a tank top and a fitted jacket, or sweat pants with the words on the butt. Some people of this era wore several headbands. Athletic wear has changed dramatically, people went from wearing cotton shirts and sweatpants to specialized clothes some are…

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  • Adidas Case Study

    Q1) What is the name of your company? The name of the company is Adidas. Q2) What does your company sell or promote? The company Adidas sells a variety of products. Some of the products that are sold by Adidas are:  Shoes o Soccer Shoes o Football Shoes o Running o Casual  Clothing o Hoodies o Sweatpants o Jackets o Leggings o Tracksuits o Shirts o Socks o Gloves o Hats and Toques  Accessories o Backpacks o Sunglasses o Headbands  Sports Equipment o Yoga Mat o Soccer Balls o Badminton…

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  • Poppy Shakespeare Character Analysis

    N’s initial casual appearance is evident in the apparel and attitude towards image, “Only thing was that as I stood up, the crack in my chair clamped shut on my tracksuit bottoms and it pulled them halfway down my arse before I could yank them out again, and I could have done without it to be honest” (131). N’s original appearance is noticeably lenient perceived through the attire of tracksuit bottoms, which is intended for comfort as the protagonist is not athletic, proving the informal a…

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  • Detective Ross: A Fictional Narrative

    body was a female and she was naked. There was dried up blood caked in her blonde hair and it seem like she up a fight because her nails had creases of blood embedded in them. Smith noticed the stab wound on the right side of her breast, the bite marks around her neck area and her body was covered in bruises. Her face was unrecognizable because of how beaten it was. Smith looked around for the murder weapon or anything that would give them some sort of lead on the suspect, but there was…

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  • Aw 16 Research Paper

    from the multiple shades of grey which dominated last year. Subtle mixing and matching of shades of these warm neutrals are great for providing a hint of originality. Then when it comes to patterns, check has been featuring heavily this year. It finally seems the overused stripe is under threat at last! Don’t underestimate the impact the utilitarian vibe is having on the men’s fashion scene. Boxy lines and multi-pocketing have been featured heavily, along with plentiful zips, badges, and…

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  • Analysis Of The Word Chavs The Working Class

    avoided and ever since, chavs have been on the receiving end of bad publicity. With the likes of Little Britain’s character Vicky Pollard and the demonization of most celebrities such as Jade Goody and Katie Price (aka Jordan), media and politicians have painted them as incompetent, illegalised, naïve, disadvantaged swathe of society whose associates have become stereotyped by the hate-filled word ‘Chav’. Just like the punks, rockers and goths from the 70s and 80s the Chav subculture has been…

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  • Does Individuality Exist

    contour and lips plumped and lavished in ‘crème de nude’. We are bombarded with tutorials giving us the details on how to look unnaturally natural, or more to the point, how to look acceptable amongst society. Make up has become a thing of rules, in many ways it is no longer an art form. It is reported inappropriate to wear your lips crimson as red lips are deemed ‘over the top’ and often christened provocative. What happened to glamour? The Adidas wearing Kardashians do not have a patch on…

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  • Casual Men's Shoes Essay

    Style Tips for Casual Men's Shoes Once a man has decided on the appropriate type of shoes and shoe materials, he should carefully consider the best ways to style the Mens Casual Shoes. The following is a list of some style tips that any man can use to get the most out of a pair of casual shoes. Add Colour For a young and contemporary look, consider a pair of deck shoes or loafers with a splash of colour in them. Red sole or green upper leather can complement an outfit by providing a contrasting…

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  • Pccs Group Berhad Case Study

    country. By applied the upgrading plants, machinery, equipped with advanced technology, the company can achieves the motive of increase the efficiency and productivity of company and at the same reduce the operational cost. PCCS Group Berhad also achieve an excellent result in textile market. With the effective strategy of product differentiation in focused market segments, the company achieve the competitive advantage in the textile and apparel industry and expanding their market share either…

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  • Gorgon Play Analysis

    and Smith perform their roles exceptionally well, especially in the scenes that centre around the metaphor of the Gorgon. The scene with the display of domestic violence that Gabrielli 's and Smith 's characters witnessed in the beginning of the play was purposely written to remind us of the stereotype society has placed on women about weakness and how they are depicted as monsters. Kathryn Sproul 's choice of costuming was very simple and effective; the clothing depicted the characters…

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