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  • Music Studio Case Study

    The pricier studios are usually found in the larger areas associated with the music industry, like New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, or Atlanta. Smaller areas, such as Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile tend to stay under $100 per hour, but usually cost more than $50 per hour, depending on the quality of the studio. Around Montgomery, the least expensive professional studio that advertises regularly offers digital recording services for as little as $50 per hour. The Cage will offer studio time at a very reasonable $25 per hour, with blocks of time available for negotiable package prices. Our goal here is to focus on the musician or customer without them having to worry about watching the clock or paying more than they can afford. Target Market According to statistics taken from and, the following target market is suggested: Age: Early 20’s to late 40’s Income: Generally annual incomes ranging from $18,000 to $40,000. Gender: Male and female, but statistics suggest that female artists are more in need of this kind of service. Education:…

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  • Studio Ghibli: Film Analysis

    Animation has proven to be an important factor as well as an indispensable quality to the art of film over the last few decades. It allows us to feel a sense of wonder and admiration to the imaginative world expressed by these animators. It compels us to venture into our wildest dreams and thoughts; an experience beyond the standards of life. It allows us to grasp upon the humanistic and the spiritual natures of earth. It permits our minds to haphazardly wander into a dimension above our…

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  • Summary: The Studio System In The Golden Age Of Hollywood

    The studio system in the Golden Age of Hollywood was a method of film production and distribution between the 1920’s and 60’s. Large motion picture studios wanted to maximize their profit and minimize the risks of going bankrupt. They turned to producing movies on their own film making lots and they were especially skillful in handling employees, and contracts. The use of long-term contracts was very effective in keeping costs lower than they otherwise would have been; and it helped studios…

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  • Cinesite Case Study

    Brand Vision Where do you see your business going? Cinesite is taking steps to positively disrupt the existing studio model, bringing new ideas that deliver better creative and financial results. The world of movie making is evolving, Cinesite is implementing a better way of engaging with the filmmaking process by transitioning from a solely VFX service vendor to a studio with both a VFX & Animation service division and IP content output across Film, TV and new media. What are your specific…

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  • Studio Culture In College

    What is studio culture? When we hear about studio culture in college, the thing that comes to most of our mind is architecture student. Studio culture is the experiences, behaviors, habits and patterns found within the campus-based architecture design studio. The studio is the life of an architect. Studio is the place where all architecture students have many vivid memories that characterize their design studio experience. Late nights, exciting projects, commitment, extreme dedication, long…

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  • Recording Studio Proposal

    There are many different goals I hope to achieve through the design of my studio. My plan involves recording and producing high quality tracks, though I hope to make my studio easy to use. As operator of the studio, I would mainly produce and create hip-hop tracks. I would use many different types of tools, both physically and virtually. My studio would be designed through a audio interface, which would act as the capital. My recordings would be done through a condenser microphone and I would…

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  • Sun Studios Essay

    Sun Studios has lagged behind our competitors in the market for the past 5 years. Our box office receipts have fallen short and the success of our pictures has been moderate. To address our performance in the market and surpass investment goals we must strive to offer top decile entertainment and blockbuster movie offerings. To guide us in developing a higher level of entertainment and potential blockbuster production we compiled data from the top 50 movies during the years of 1937 - 2012.…

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  • Design Studio-Based Education

    Abstract For a long time, design studio has been a core subject of architectural design education at all higher-learning institutions in Egypt. This type of education is based on practice and imitation; students solve problems and do projects through a process of thinking and doing. This education system, which is based on critique, attempts to increase the self-criticizing ability of students by providing continuous criticisms that help them manage their own projects and face future challenges.…

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  • Studio 8 Film Analysis

    Studio 8 Joins the Superpower Cinematic Universe with Black With controversial incoming African-American television series such as HBO’s Confederate and Amazon’s Black America, Studio 8 just announced that they are working on a black superpower film for the big screen. The story of Black revolves around a nation where only the black people have superpowers. This comic series from Black Mask Studios will be adapted into the big screen by Jeff Robinov’s company. Jon Silk, Studio 8’s executive…

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  • Digital Architecture Graduation Studio

    General introduction The whole graduation process took place in the Digital Architecture graduation studio. A unique studio compared with the others. Not only the traditional architectural profession is considered, but also the connection of architecture, modern technologies and the modern citizen. The main goal of the studio is to push the boundaries of advanced architecture even further than only considering the connection between technology, people and architecture. By using techniques and…

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