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  • Personal Narrative-Ellen Farm

    in my mind as if I was there yesterday. I always referred to Glen Ellen as my Aunt Debbie’s farm, but I eventually learned there is a long history with this place. An engineer for the B&O Railroad line originally built and owned the property in the 1850s. In 1874, the property was sold to Professor Herbert Thompson and his wife, Lady Ellen Thompson, who were from London. It was four years later when he and his wife opened Glen Ellen Academy at the manor house. The tuition was $100 per student of the most prominent families in Frederick, Maryland. Here, Lady Ellen was a poet and author, where she supposedly was the collaborator and ghostwriter, with the possibility of being the real author, of the romance novel Lorna Doone. In 2000, my aunt became the current owner of Glen Ellen Farm––even though it has not always been easy (Brunink). The farm underwent a major restoration when the manor was first purchased and another restoration ensued after July 31, 2009, when a tornado struck Glen Ellen Farm. The historic barn and the spring house were right in the path of the storm; however, the sturdy railroad stringers…

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  • Ordina's Daughter Chapter 2

    Charles, could not watch as his wife got no relief. So, knowing of the rumors, and weary of her methods, he felt he had no choice but to request Ordina’s services. Ordina who was Madison’s childhood friend, immediately came to try to care for his wife. Unfortunately, her efforts failed and Lady Madison passed away. A few weeks later the bodies of Charles’s eldest son and Sir Rose, were put upon an old mule and sent back to the manor house. In Christopher’s hand was a note which was addressed:…

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  • Manor House Country Club Hotel Case Study

    1. Exclusive Summary Introduction 1.1 About the Manor House Country Club Hotel The Manor House Country Club Hotel is a family business owned by Jenkins family in the year 1992 in Singapore. The hotel is located in three acres of prestigious domestic land and now operates as a single hotel. Because of its well developed, it provides variety of luxurious accommodation to visitors from overseas. The hotel’s modernized restaurant provides variety kind of cuisine around the world; the hotel also has…

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  • Mangus Monologue Analysis

    I am Viclamin Nightburn, Lord of this manor and the town of Banniff. The person who is reading this, I can only assume, is my son, Mangus. There is no other way to gain access to this journal unless you are of my bloodline. The statue will not open for anyone other than a direct descendent or one that carries the bloodline of Vilgoth. I am not just the Lord of Ebonwulf Keep and Banniff but I am also the master of the Forgotten Continent. A hidden empire awaits you there, my son, many, many…

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  • King Arthur A Hero's Journey

    He killed it and took it home knowing the consequences of poaching in the manor. He cleaned and cooked the boar behind a large group of trees. Sadly someone noticed and told Edwin about Arthur’s illegal activity. Arthur went home to find his house ransacked and Edwin waiting for him. Arthur confessed what he had done and begged for forgiveness. Edwin was a harsh serf, but he wanted to show some compassion to the peasants, so he had them gather in the middle of the manor. He then went on to tell…

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  • Sergeant Trotter Play Analysis

    This play is not only a drama, but a mystery too. The play is meaningful to the audience in a social manner. It gives an idea of the nature of revenge resulted from injustice and shows a real picture of the society. The main theme in this play is illusion versus reality. Illusion shows the wrong guesses of murderer and fake and hidden personalities, while reality reveals the truth and the secrets of the play. I have watched this show at Long Beach Play House and also on you tube several times…

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  • What Is Jane's Real Role At The Thornfield Manor?

    17. Jane soon finds out that she may not see Mr. Rochester for more than a year since he has decided to travel to Europe. Jane is saddened with this news but soon becomes excited when Mrs. Fairfax tells Jane that he will be back for a couple days. Though, Mr. Rochester will be back he won 't be back alone, he will be bringing a massive amount of guests to stay in the house. Jane is surprised when she hears of Grace Poole 's high pay at Thornfield, causing her to realize that she doesn’t know the…

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  • Dialogue Essay: The Sacrifice, By U. K.

    already eaten, however, he would gladly share a pint while Mangus ate and they talked. He poured Balthazar a pint and both sat while Mangus continued eating, as Balthazar explained that Parsis had taken notice of the recent activity surrounding the manor and the town of Banniff and anticipated that they would…

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  • Alva Aalto Chapter Summary

    In the manor, Aalto brings out his knowledge about nature forest through the following ways of using materials: by using big glass windows to have an open view to the garden and by using the continuous pine-strip through the ceiling. There was various types of materials and textures were used for the floor. At the entrance he chose red slate tiles; Flooring materials at garden room and fireplace was natural stone. Alva Aalto brought the owner’s art passion to the house by creating an open…

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  • Affordable Student Houses Close To Campus Case Study

    Looking for Affordable Student Houses Close to Campus Education is the most important gift a parent can give to a child. It is the only thing that can be called a valuable investment which a parent can die comfortably knowing that the child can survive all alone in this harsh world. It is therefore not something negotiable in the current world bearing in mind that the current situation demands knowledgeable people to survive in it. Education is expensive, that is something unavoidable but…

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