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  • History Of Kuala Lumpur

    Although Kuala Lumpur is known as Asia 's green capital, its history has been unknown. Kuala Lumpur is filled with different cultures, traditions, and people. The three dominant ethnicities are Malays, Chinese, and Indians. There are more to Kuala Lumpur than its festive nights and green nature. It started from a muddy junction of two rivers to a prosperous, lively city. Kuala Lumpur was founded by 87 Chinese prospectors searching for tin in 1857. Tin was highly demanded at the time by America and the British Empire. They needed the durable and lightweight metal for the industrial revolution. The prospectors settled at the meeting point of the Klang and Gombak rivers which they named Kuala Lumpur, meaning muddy confluence. Within…

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  • Berjaya Sports Toto Case Study

    Berjaya Sports Toto is an investment holding company that operates gaming and lottery business. Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad was incorporated in 1969 and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a subsidiary of Berjaya Land Berhad. Magnum Berhad is the holding company for the Magnum Group of Companies which was incorporated on 18 August 1975. Magnum Berhad was the first private company to be granted a license to promote, operate and manage 4-digit numbers forecast betting in Malaysia. Both…

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  • Personal Essay: My Eternal Love For Architecture And Architecture

    I trained at the firm, ‘AsAFFA Design Practice’, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Firstly for the reasons of travel and secondly for Malaysia’s new and upcoming architecture, it had a lot to offer in terms of learning. My time there helped me experience sustainable architecture and the juxtaposition of nature and the built form. ‘What a beautiful sight it was when I first laid eyes on the D7 Building, the central courtyard had these miniature streams of water, flowing through the wooden platform closely…

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  • Importance Of Health Promotion

    with infant mortality decreasing and life expectancy increasing amongst its populations. However changes in lifestyle including shifts from been physically active to sedentary lifestyles and diets from high fibre to low fibre including the uptake of high-energy foods have resulted in a change in disease patterns. Heart disease and disease of the pulmonary circulation and cerebrovascular diseases have become the second and fourth leading cause of death in Malaysia (Ministry of Health, 2002).…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fletcher Family

    The Fletcher family. For as long as I can remember, The Fletchers and my family have been very close friends. Our families would socialise every two or three weeks whether it was at a party or just spending Friday evenings together. Unfortunately, around 7 years ago, The Fletchers moved to Australia to begin a new life. To this day, there have been only a few opportunities where we have been reunited. So, in summer 2015, The Fletcher family and my family decided to meet up somewhere in between…

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  • Paragraph About Bukit Tinggi

    Undoubtedly, the cooling and refreshing weather is what makes such a small hill town one of the popular attraction to visit in Malaysia. Bukit Tinggi located approximately 48 km away from Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Tinggi is easily accessible from Karak Highway by car for 45 minutes. The entrance fees are RM12.00 and RM8.00 for the child who aged 4 to 12. Once you paid and entered, you will be able to access to the three main attractions in Bukit Tinggi. They are named the Rabbit Farms, Japanese…

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  • Case Study Of Plastic Resin Trading Business In Malaysia

    Before starting any business, a new entrepreneur requires adequate knowledge regarding the target market (E.A van Noort 1999). This plays a pivotal role in enabling entrepreneurs determine the appropriate entry and growth criteria of a business. This paper explores an online survey aimed at highlighting challenges associated with plastic resin trading business in Malaysia. This paper analyses the data obtained in the survey in order to successfully venture in the business at Shah Alam, Malaysia.…

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  • Aeon Company Case Study

    Part A – CSR Practices in Malaysia 1. Introduction to AEON CO. (M) BHD. AEON CO. (M) BHD. is a top retailer in Malaysia that was established on 15 September 1984 and it has a staggering amount of RM3.51 billion aggregate income annually. AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON or the Company) was set up due to Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir's invitation to help them modernize the retailing business in Malaysia. The ‘AEON’ name today is now a household name in the daily lives of Malaysians as…

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  • Manor House Country Club Hotel Case Study

    1. Exclusive Summary Introduction 1.1 About the Manor House Country Club Hotel The Manor House Country Club Hotel is a family business owned by Jenkins family in the year 1992 in Singapore. The hotel is located in three acres of prestigious domestic land and now operates as a single hotel. Because of its well developed, it provides variety of luxurious accommodation to visitors from overseas. The hotel’s modernized restaurant provides variety kind of cuisine around the world; the hotel also has…

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  • Sewol Research Paper

    Sewol: Tragedy at Sea On the morning of April 16th, 2014, the Sewol a South Korea Ferry took off from Incheon traveling to Jeju island. On board, over 476 people 325 of whom were students from a school in the capital city of Seoul. As the ship would begin to sink the captain would fail to give on order to evacuate. The captain and several crew members would instead disembark the ship saving themselves as hundreds of people were left to die. Many factors would contribute to the loss of life…

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