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  • Essay On Slaughterhouse Abuse

    contamination with meat, bacteria and pathogens landing on meat, it makes you second guess where your meat, eggs and milk came from. A lot of times when slaughter plants get inspected by state inspectors and most of them get violations. Violations worthy of shutdown but all they get is a slap on the wrist and they continue with the abuse and bad sanitation. Many videos of workers mistreating the animals have been posted to multiple social media sites, but the slaughter plants are still up and running. More work needs to be done to help the animals have a humane and painless death. Another issue along with the abuse that happens in the slaughterhouse, is transportation that is not suitable for any type of animal. Approximately 200,000 pigs die every year in the united states being transported to the slaughterhouse due to hot weather and humidity. Trucks that don’t have no slip…

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  • Analysis Of Squealer Speech In Animal Farm

    Squealer Speech Analysis The book Animal Farm is an allegory novel written by George Orwell on August 17th, 1945. The book depicts the events leading up to the Russian Revolution and the era of the Stalinist Soviet Union. The characters in this novel try to form a sustainable democracy/society in which animals can live a peaceful life without the threat of human beings. The main leaders who take action in this book are Napoleon and Snowball who are both pigs. Another character Squealer (who…

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  • Domesticated Pigs Research Paper

    Domestication of pigs started many years ago. There are still wild pigs out there called the wild boar. Domesticated pigs now a days are on farms everywhere, some even living in the homes of people. A pig pretty much eats anything so they are a fairly easy animal to care for. Pigs come in all different breeds and sizes and colors. “Pigs are mammals with stocky bodies, small eyes, and flat snouts”(Bradford). The domestic pig is also known as the Sus Scrofa Domesticus or Sus Domesticus. Their…

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  • Essay On Livestock Cage Laws

    not being true at all. The Rightists have been targeting livestock producers overall when they should be targeting individuals. The livestock pens are not the problem and it is not farmers overall it is a few that are out there giving livestock producers a bad name. There are a few farmers that do not take care of their animals; P.E.T.A and the producers should just team together so they can take care of the few that are setting these bad examples. Rightists have fought cages from all different…

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  • Write An Essay On 'Finding The Right Show Pig'

    Finding the right show pig. Before May 1st you must have bought and the pig must be on your property by that date. Which one people may ask, Barrow or Gilt? It all depends types of person and their passion with the pig. Barrow are pigs that have been castrated and have no hormones like the gilts pigs do. Barrow pig have a tendency to have better performance all the way around and in the show ring. People do not always want barrow as they can’t not be used for anything such as only slaughter…

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  • Animal's Abuse In The Food Industry

    interest in the food industry and how food goes from production to your plate. Chickens, cows, pigs, and other farm animals are subject to abuse in these meat farms. Many never get to live outdoors and most of them are usually forced to live in tiny cages or warehouse floors without even seeing daylight. Chickens and pigs are crammed into small cages that often bruise or break the animals’ bones and allow them very little space to move. These cramped conditions also allow the spread of disease…

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  • Animal Protein Research Paper

    HOW DOES ANTIBIOTIC USE IN PIGS IMPACT THE CONSUMER A BRIEFING ON THE LINK TO PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERNS OVER DRUG-RESISTANT BACTERIA AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION DUE TO HOG WASTE “What are we eating?” As consumers consider their dietary options, this is a common question asked across the country on a daily basis. As the demand for animal protein rises locally and globally at unprecedented rates, more often than not, the question of what are we eating tends to be answered with beef, chicken, or…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Hog Barn

    The first structure you come to is slightly interesting. It consists of a series of six pine posts, connected by boards, both to each other and to the wall of the barn. Within the confines of the series of posts and interconnecting boards, you find that it has been arranged in such a fashion as to which constitutes a set of stalls. These structures are called farrowing stalls. These stalls are where the mother sows (a sow is a female pig) are taken to give birth. The stalls are set up in such a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hogs And Wild Pigs

    Animals have been introduced to habitats unintentionally for years. Hogs and wild pigs were introduced to woodlands and wetlands a long time ago. Although they were introduced a long time ago, they still cause problems to the natural habitat. People need to learn how to deal with hogs and pigs to reduce damage that they can cause. Hogs are nuisances to the habitats that they have invaded. Limiting the hog population is important in protecting the wetlands and woodlands. Hogs are an…

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  • Pig Essay

    2016 2 Pigs were one of the first animals domesticated about 6,000 years ago in China (Bradford, 2015). The domestic pig is not native to North America, it is believed that Christopher Columbus brought them over with him on his second voyage to America in 1493. The wild pigs that became domesticated originate from Europe, Asia, and North African forests where they are still wild (Pig, 2016). Pigs can now be found anywhere in the world except Antarctica. Despite years of attempting to truly…

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