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  • Essay On The Storming Stage

    In the forming stage, all five students are sitting and waiting quietly for the principle to come in to explain the rules. Meanwhile, no one is talking to each other or making much eye contact. Interestingly, when John walks into detention, he automatically makes Brian move, which is the first example of him trying to be the dominator. After the principle explains the rules and assigning them to write an essay on who they think they are, the group quickly moves to the storming stage where conflicts begin to unfold. For starters, no group members are motivated to write the essay especially John who starts to pick on Claire by saying how he bets that she is a virgin and starts interrogating her by asking her if she ever kissed a boy and so forth. From there, he starts asking even more inappropriate questions. That is when Andrew…

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  • Oppression Of Women In Movies Essay

    What is a women’s place in the world so many cultures have a different view of what a woman’s value is but quiet clearly it is always under a man. We have explored two movies which show the exploitation of women and how little their lives mean in the face of the oppressors which in these movies where a group of men. “What do we do when those with all of the power are hurting those with none”. In both movies the oppressors are able to keep all of their power through others submitting giving…

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  • Small Group Reflection Paper

    My small group, the Dominators, has been very proactive from the start. We scheduled our first meeting on Tuesday, September 15, one hour before class started. This meeting helped our group to get ahead of the game and prepare for our group proposal and service project. The phrase “communication is key” replayed in my head during our meeting. Communication is defined in our book, Communicating in Small Groups, as “how you make sense out of the world and share that since with others” (p.50). I…

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  • Abstract Expressionist Movement Analysis

    The abstract expressionist movement spanned 22 years, starting in 1943 and ending in 1965. It originated in New York and was intended to encompass all kinds of abstract works like those filled with varieties of colors and abstract/indistinguishable forms and those with dynamic yet expressive gestures. However, this changed to become more expressive of more intense emotion with more worldwide themes. This abstract expressionist movement had been greatly influenced by Surrealism but also the scars…

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  • Task Group Reflection

    The textbook connects to we learned in class in the section where it discusses different problems which cant be dealt with during a situation. This relates to what we learned in class because it remind of the video we watched with the children receiving occupational therapy. For instance, in this section it described the how to deal with chronic talker, which is the person in the group who is often characterized as the persistent rambling and reputation. It also described dominator, which is…

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  • Resistance To The Self

    influence. But being that power imbeds resistance into its organization, any form of resistance is part of the same ruse, perpetuated by power to maintain its position. Thus, being oblivious to power’s influence and offering resistance to it are one and the same, the only difference being that the latter foolishly believes in their autonomy over and above power, while the former remains indifferent to it. In practical terms this allows the dupe, unaware of power’s influence to identify as an…

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  • Summary Of Allegory Of The Cave

    consuming now is the collaborative effort of the society, which everyone plays an important role and gives their best to ensure the society running favorably. Since people are interactive and resources are shared, what we learn and we do are the same as our family, neighbors and friends, as well as others in the world. In that sense, we are like what Plato described in the “Allegory of the cave”, living in the cave. (‘The Allegory of The Cave’ by Plato: Summary and Meaning, 2012) The knowledge…

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  • Colonialism Research Paper

    radios, music and Television programs. Like industrial revolution in nineteenth century, contemporary globalization also has a factor of induction, which is the advance of technology. The rise of telecommunication and the innovation of transportation allow information and resources exchange faster. In general, globalization is a period of knowing each other and works together. In contrary, these two historical periods have both experienced wars and technological innovations. The theme of…

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  • Social Exchange Theory: Theoretical And Conceptual Framework

    mentioned other specific roles in maintenance roles. Those roles are compromiser, gatekeeper-expediter, and follower. The compromiser is the person who tries to resolve a conflict meanwhile gate-expediter keeps the channels of communication open by reinforcing the efforts of others. Last, the follower goes along with the members of the group. Thirdly, dysfunctional role. Some group might have weak discussion. This happens because of the attitude of certain member who plays dysfunctional roles.…

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  • Psycho-Pass Character Analysis

    Psycho-Pass universe in Japan, and if you’re familiar with it, you know how it sounds like both a utopia and a dystopia. Basically, people’s life choices and careers are now decided by an AI called Sybil. You can’t exactly chase a career if it determines that you’re not cut out for it. Moreover, the AI monitors one’s mental health, and if yours shows any deterioration, you’ll be in trouble. In addition, the citizenry heavily rely on AI technology. There are self-driving cars,…

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