Domino effect

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  • Belonging: A Short Story

    else in my life. I questioned and second guessed ever person I interacted with. Not being able to tell who was genuine and honest made me feel isolated in every conversation id try to engage in. I was unable to relate to the topics that were being discussed because I couldn’t differentiate the truth from the lies people would tell to attempt to make me laugh or fit in themselves. I lost all sense of belonging. Most of my classmates began talking about how the popular dynamic duo were going their separate ways. Across the school, people were choosing sides and reevaluating their own friendships. Our split started a domino effect of gossip and misfortunate events. The domino effect continued when my now ex best friend got a new best friend whose name was conveniently Gabby, just like mine. Thankfully, middle schoolers can only hold a two-week memory span and the domino effect of misfortune moved away from me when an eighth grader stole a sixth graders…

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  • The Sublime In The Book Thief

    “inevitable, necessary accompaniment of Beauty with Terror” (Baker 169). Death’s perspective and use of Liesel’s story shows the sublime: sublimity revolves around death. Often in literature, dominoes are used to symbolize a deeper meaning, such as cause and effect. A scene in the novel shows the innocent Steiner children, building up a structure of dominoes “that was so carefully planned” (Zusak 408), just to watch it fall. Yet, the children admired the sublimity of the event, they “would smile…

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  • Drones In Ray Bradbury's Short Story 'A Sound Of Thunder'

    Drones: Not Even Remotely Safe Technology. Ancient people would never imagined the type of technology people use today. It makes tasks easier and more efficient, however, at times some people misuse this technology. In his short story “A Sound of Thunder,” Ray Bradbury demonstrates this idea of utilizing technology through harmful means with the reckless usage of a time machine. Even though Bradbury writes of a technology that has not yet been invented, his idea still stands today. Drones…

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  • Domino Effect Essay

    The 1920s flourished with many new inventions, everyone was rushing to buy one for themselves. Except of course, the people who were too poor to afford one, which was “40 percent of the population” (Foner). The “Roaring Twenties” was only truly roaring for the rich, white, upper class. Not only was the 1920s horrible for anyone who wasn’t white, it’s instability had the Domino Effect. People were buying on credit, and were splurging on stocks. This went smoothly until the stock market crashed,…

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  • Korean War Domino Effect

    The Korean War was an avoidable war that we didn’t need to intervene in. The Domino effect was still an acceptable cause to go to war. It was the thought that if one country’s government fell to communism, then more would follow in its path. We had a tough time fighting them though, because of physical geography. That’s most of the reason we didn’t win the war, we weren’t ready for the terrain. The battle of pork chop hill was one of the most important battles. Being in the mountain’s it…

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  • The Domino Effect Of Password Reuse

    Ives, B., Walsh, K. R., & Schneider, H. (2004). The domino effect of password reuse. Communications Of The ACM, 47(4), 75-78. doi:10.1145/975817.975820 This is a brief cautionary article on the dangers of reusing a password across multiple applications. The authors give several examples of security breaches, but do not do a good job of illustrating that those security breaches were the direct or indirect result of a password re-use. Indeed, some of the incidents were a clear case of…

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  • What Are The Domino Effects Of The Cold War

    United States, and the Soviet Union. The Cold War got its name from the countless empty threats from both sides. The tensions between the communists and non-communist countries started even before World War 2 ended. This war was a fight over spreading or containing communism. The Soviets wanted to spread communism and Great Britain and the Untied States wanted to contain communism in Korea and Latin America. By doing this the United States supported third world countries that were vulnerable to…

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  • Domino Effect Of Social Conformity In Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

    A Character Analysis of the “Domino Effect” of Social Conformity in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley This literary analysis will define a character analysis of the self-deprecating aspects of the “domino effect” of social conformity in Brave New World By Aldous Huxley. The main character, Bernard, is a alienated individual that resents being judged by his height as part of social hierarchy of The World State. However, Bernard’s desire to befriend, Helmholtz Watson, defines the underlying…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Forest Fragmentation

    impact the surrounding ecosystems in a negative way. This can be referred to as forest fragmentation. Forest fragmentation negatively affects the forests connectivity and function. Fragmentation caused by mine reclamation is said to be “two-sided because both the effect that natural habitat has on the restored area, and the effect the restored area has on natural habitat.” (Craig et al. 2015) It is known “edge effects increase with increasing contrast between habitats forming the edge with…

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  • How Children Succeed By Paul Tough: Article Analysis

    behavior and way of thinking. He bases this premiere on an experiment done by psychologists about humans, but done in rats. This experiment was about how rats being groomed and licked by their mother will affect their future. Psychologists believe it’s the most parallel to grooming and licking; the experiment done in rats. The effects of the experiment were the opposite of what they thought they would find. They found that parents who respond to their children immediately and whom are very…

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