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  • Reflective Essay: Political Commentary On Popular Culture

    I never was the writer who lived a rich life grand with detailed stories that gave them initial inspiration on my creation of a character, detail of a line or the crafting of a setting/scenario. I just started with something out of the ordinary and built off it. I will say that the only initial theme quantities I enforce are biblical allusions or themes that work as political commentary on religious matter. No matter what I am writing about it try my best to express a political statement or opinion. I will say that the array of topics discussed and imagery used in this short collection is my attempt to remain diverse and produce a broaden voice that covers a multitude of cultural topics, the way I see it is that even though there is more than one popular culture in the world they are all relatable and contains elements of each other within their own teachings. I want my messages and voice to be relatable to any culture, I want to use that diversity in my voice to find a home for my work that lies in between the lines. In attempting such a feat I have learned some valuable lessons about my own writing, values I can categorize in the two groups of strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are easiest to find and easiest to talk about. I have an original/fresh take in using imagery to make connections between objects that by themselves do not support any ideal of excellence. I 've also compressed my writing down to only a few lines which aids my explosive writing style the best.…

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  • Writing Techniques In Kerstin Ekman's The Black Water

    Sometimes the connections we try to make in order to build the picture might not always be right, we tend to fail to make those connections just like a normal detective would. The frustrating part of reading a book that’s written differently than what we are used to is understanding what we are reading. Most of the times I felt lost reading a page or a chapter and I would always go back and re-read the page or first few pages in order understand the chapter. There would be a totally new…

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  • Things They Carried Reflective Essay

    past we have had wars after wars and most of us don’t even know why. However, our government makes it seem like everything’s good and we are in peace now when really were not. As regular civilians we don’t get to know what actually is going on and why were in conflicts with foreign countries. Fictional literature is one of the only things we have that gives us deeper meaning in events that we usually don’t get to learn about. It takes us to another world where were invited to learn new about new…

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  • Confidence And Self-Ignorance

    in today’s society and there are so many men and woman that have long term effects from being bullied. It is not always someone that does not know that has to bully you. It could be a friend or a family member and you could just shrug it off like it did not happen. Whenever my grandpa was alive he would always tell me that I was…

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  • Stereotypes In The Movie The Help

    Skeeter asks a question about kids that makes her uncomfortable and asks to move to another question. Aibileen tells Skeeter that she has some stories written down that she wants to tell her instead of answering questions. Minnie went to start working for Celia Foote. She started to teach her how to cook and some of her remedies that involve Crisco. She finishes cooking and sits down to eat but Celia comes and sits with her but she’s not use to a white woman wanting to eat with her so when Celia…

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  • Process Essay: Who Is Your Best Friend?

    We all know you have a huge circle of friends around you. At school, at your job, near your neighborhood, everywhere. However, what you don’t know is who is your best friend and who is just a friend, acquaintance even. Every person you know could walk up to you and start a conversation with you. Having a large group of friends is great because you always have someone to talk to. But there is always that one friend who is a bit more special that the rest of them. This is your best friend, the one…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Grade School

    Whether it was a viewpoint or how I felt, there always seemed to follow a disparaging voice and negative commentary. For some individuals this would be a lesson in speaking up, to voice their opinion regardless of the reception. For yours truly, I learned over the years to be quiet. I learned to not say anything for fear of disrupting someone else’s view or thoughts. Don’t rock the boat, Royer! was my silent motto. The few times I dared to hold an opposing viewpoint, to speak up; oh did I pay…

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  • Violet's Greed As Depicted In The Book 'Feed'

    happens inside and how the community acts. First of all, Violet thinks that it’s her fault that her body is being shut down when in reality, her feed is the one who is responsible. Furthermore, the hacking of her feed caused her to lose her memories and forget everything that happened a year before she got the feed. Lastly, she tells her boyfriend, Titus to not worry about separating because even though her body is shutting down, she promises that they will still be together.…

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  • Being A Bystander Essay

    do anything? But first, let’s make sure we know what a bystander is. A bystander is someone who is present at an event or incident and does not take part in stopping. I can tell you my first time I was a bystander and then I realized it was wrong, it happened a year ago and I can remember it like yesterday. In class one day a girl needed help on work in that class I walked over and we worked on the paper I noticed a mark on her arm it was a bruise but a nasty bruise the dark purple and dark…

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  • Mother And Son Poem Analysis

    Langston Hughs, there is a direct correlation between the relationship of mother and son, the mother’s ethnicity and personality with the morals they instill on their sons. In the poem, “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughs, the relationship that the mother and son had was pretty close. You can tell this by the terms of endearment that she uses towards…

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