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  • Personal Narrative: My First Home

    I walked to the front door to look through the peep hole but, due to my five foot stature, all I could see was the top of my porch. I listened quietly through the door. I never answered the door when I was home alone, some habit I had gotten after being reminded by my mother a thousand times, and I had a system worked out with my friends that they would yell through the door if it was them. I waited patiently but I heard nothing but flies buzzing and dogs parking from far away. I started to walk back to the office, chalking it up to the neighborhood kids when I heard my back gate open. The world stopped. I could hear nothing above my heart pounding. Why would anyone be trying to go into my backyard? I looked toward the backyard but could only see my reflection in the windows. Realizing that I would not be able to see out but that they would be able to see in, I immediately dropped to the floor. My heart was pounding in my ears. I could…

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  • Love At First Sight Analysis

    soul mates, or two people destined to be together in her poem “Love at First Sight.” Wislawa Szymborska uses several examples of situational irony in her poem “Love at First Sight.” For instance, “Since they’d never met before, they’re sure that there’d been nothing between them. But what’s the word from the streets, staircases, hallways-- perhaps they’ve passed by each other a million times?” (Szymborska 5-8). This is ironic because even though they are supposed to be together by destiny, they…

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  • Why Should Parents Protect Children From Predators

    while going grocery shopping, to the movies or a children’s park, parents should always ask their kids to be where they can see them all the time. If children are under supervision, parents always know with whom their kids are playing or talking. If parent have any distrust about the person, they can aware their kids and ask them not to talk again also, they will be extra careful while going outside. This will help parents to keep their kids safe from predators. In addition, having good…

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  • A Narrative Essay About The Benners

    of which lived in my neighborhood. There was the girl next door who 's mom made the best dumplings, or the boys up the street who loved riding bikes and skateboards and playing x-box, or the kids on the adjacent street to mine who made homemade go-karts and tree forts. But these are only kids in my neighborhood, what about the adults? Across the street from me lived an older couple, “The Benners,” says a small metal sign in the front yard. Almost every afternoon they would take the same path as…

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  • Fitness Center Observation

    Impeded egress. Double fire doors located next to the fitness staff office, door handle assembly was missing. (29 CFR 1910.37(a)(3)) RAC 3 = Moderate Recommendation: Submit a service order to have the missing door handle replaced. i. Insufficient lighting. It was noted throughout the facility (men’s shower; locker room; racquetball room; family room and cardio room) that several ceiling fluorescent lamps were burnt out. (29 CFR 1926.56(a)) RAC 3 = Moderate Recommendation: Submit a…

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  • Case Study Of Household Furniture

    Furniture 2015 Annual Price Notes Data for 12-1 Household furniture is seasonally adjusted. Seasonally adjusted data for 12-2 Commercial furniture was not available From December 2014 to December 2015 prices for 12-1 Household Furniture rose 3.1 percent. Previously, a 1.5 percent increase was seen for that index for the December 2013 to December 2014 period. The chart above shows steady increases for 12-1 Household Furniture over a ten year period. The 12-2 Commercial Furniture…

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  • History Of IKEA

    pencils, postcards, and furniture merchandise. Only on 1955, IKEA started to design its own furniture and over time, flat pack and self-assembly become part of the concept. As of 2013, it was the world’s most successful mass-market seller selling Scandinavian-style home furnishings and other housing goods in 345 stores in 42 countries with retail sales of EURO 29.2 billion. IKEA states “No design, no matter how inspired, finds its way into the catalogue…

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  • Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood flooring- A treat for any space Summary: Hardwood flooring, compared to other floor types, has had longer durability and varied functions no matter where they are installed. These acts as the perfect add on to the decor when a person goes in for a remodelling of the house, especially the flooring. Manufactured from a single pile of timber, these floorings are a great hit no matter where they are used. A perfect complement to the household or the office space, these floorings is the…

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  • Company Background Of IKEA

    COMPANY BACKGROUND IKEA is a multinational home company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture. Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943 in southern Sweden and the iconic IKEA name is a result of the first initials of its founder and the first letters from his farm and village, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd. Kamprad had developed his business model by listening to the need of his customers and selling the products they required at low prices, since then, IKEA has grown into a global brand with…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dark Images

    Asking a myriad of questions: What happened? Where is your mother? Did everyone get out? I was only fourteen but had the consciousness of mind to make sure all the children were safe. I remember the sensation of standing beside myself directing my actions. I am convinced the angles held the fire back for my cousin to get out. The Firemen’s report stated the fire started in the Living room, we called it the Front room. The Front room normally for relaxing and socializing. The furniture included…

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