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  • Dorothy Day Eulogy

    Iconic Ms. Dorothy Day: Preface” There are fewer people that could recognize a problem or issue that plagues our society; contained by reason, internalize the situation without benefiting personally, answering and muster up the fortitude to attempt a solution. This notion was embodied by Ms. Dorothy Day. All around us are passionate, loving and concerned human beings, but almost never to a fault. Some people’s sacrifices are pretentious and selfish due to the fact that the person(s) sacrifice is for a friend, relative or acquaintance. To Dorothy, it didn’t matter because she helped everyone. Ever so often, you stumble up/on an individual so unique, different and gifted, that you question their sincerity and seriousness. You think to yourself:…

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  • The Long Loneliness, Entertaining Angels: Book Analysis

    The women named Dorothy Day,who lived between 1891 to 1980 life could be found on the book “The Long, Loneliness,” the film “Entertaining Angels,” and many more articles and papers. Dorothy Day was a journalist and founder of the Catholic Worker movement in the 1930s (WW 2 era) with Peter Maurin, who have very similars goal with Day. Both support nonviolence, and enjoyed to help the poor with simple life. Throughout her life, the Catholic Worker movement is what made Dorothy Day well-known to…

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  • Dorothy Day Pacifists

    as ISIS has been at the front of every new station and political conversation for the past decade. Is it the American duty to eliminate the threat by matching violence with violence, and ensure its reputation for being the toughest country in the world? Or, is a nonviolent response possible? Dorothy Day, a key figure in the Catholic Worker Movement maintained her pacifist stance even in times of extreme violence, because she believed it was her Christian priority. Martin Luther King, who was a…

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  • Dorothy Day House: Poverty In Memphis

    One reason why we decided to work with the Dorothy Day House stems from us the importance of family dynamics and how parents want nothing more than to ensure their kids future. Another reason the Dorothy Day House caught our attention was that they house any type of family. Their families are diverse in make-up, size, age, religion and ethnicity but share the common bonds of poverty and homelessness (“Dorothy”). The Dorothy Day House does not criticize people when it comes to housing families,…

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  • Dorothy Day Center Case Study

    DESCRIPTION: Pulling up to the Dorothy Day Center the first time, was a shocking sight. There were so many people waiting for the doors to open for the night. I never realized how many people in the St. Paul area relied on Dorothy Day to receive a meal or to have a safe place to sleep for the night. Many of the clients waiting outside carried bundles of bags, luggage, and carts teeming with their possessions. From the outside, the clients seem to portray the usual stereotype of homeless people,…

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  • Summary Of Dorothy's First Visit To Wonderland

    Chapter One: Dorothy 's First Visit to Wonderland One hot Kansas day Dorothy was walking Toto, Dorothy saw a white rabbit. “The rabbit was wearing a blue coat. That rabbit looks like it came from Oz. Dorothy told Toto. Dorothy follows the white rabbit and asking the white rabbit to wait up, but the white rabbit keeps running. When Dorothy and Toto saw the hole the white rabbit went through Dorothy took a peek. When Dorothy and Toto were taking a peek they lost their balance and fell into the…

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  • The Theme Of There Is No Place Like Home In The Wizard Of Oz

    it is the main theme and flow of the film which is beckoned throughout time is the aspect of Home. It is simply the short saying, there is no place like home (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Themes, 2016). The main protagonist, Dorothy, resides in a place that many people would be unwilling to call home. A Kansas prairie with a very great extent and dangerous…

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  • Song Analysis: Over The Rainbow, By Judy Garland

    done by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole in 1993. This cover of the popular ballad was and is loved by many. This cover also includes a verse from the song What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong. Although songs that are covered have mostly the same lyrics, and somewhat similar chord progression, the songs can also differ in many different ways. The original version of Over The Rainbow has a very slow and sort of majestic feel to it. It feels as though Garland is standing on top of a mountain watching…

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  • Social Poverty Problems: Dorothy Day And Archbishop Oscar Romero

    In this paper, I want to argue how, Dorothy Day and Archbishop Oscar Romero are examples of living a just life by solving social poverty problems in our society. The Catholic Tradition defines justice as acting toward the good, the true, and the beautiful. Dorothy Day began the movement of The Catholic Worker which was a newspaper to inform people on social justice and Archbishop Oscar Romero was an outspoken defender of the poor. Humans are made in God’s image and likeness so human life is…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: There's No Place Like Oz

    voice reached her ears; she always looked at the girl with wonder that she could find anything to laugh at. It was Teddy that made Caroline laugh, and saved her from growing as gray as her other surroundings. Teddy was not gray; he was a little blonde dog, with soft trimmed hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on either side of his funny, wee nose. Teddy played all day long, and Caroline played with him, and loved him dearly. When she wasn’t exploring the nearby woods with her dog,…

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