The Long Loneliness, Entertaining Angels: Book Analysis

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The women named Dorothy Day,who lived between 1891 to 1980 life could be found on the book “The Long, Loneliness,” the film “Entertaining Angels,” and many more articles and papers. Dorothy Day was a journalist and founder of the Catholic Worker movement in the 1930s (WW 2 era) with Peter Maurin, who have very similars goal with Day. Both support nonviolence, and enjoyed to help the poor with simple life. Throughout her life, the Catholic Worker movement is what made Dorothy Day well-known to the public. The movement was committed to caring for the poor, voluntary poverty, and loint living with a communist style. The whole overall summary for her life is her conversion to Roman Catholicism and the experience in communities could cure the “long loneliness.” She argues throughout the book that the "long loneliness" is universal in human experience.
The book “Long, loneliness” is divided into three parts.
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First, I learn that every little things that I can do, I should do it everyday and doing it completely as I can with as much as love possible. Second, I learned the importance of volunteer poverty. I feel very lucky when she point out that in order for a person to understand poverty, then that person must experience poverty first. I satisfy her statement, because I spent most of my life as poverty that no one will dare to argue I will not understand what poverty feel like. I also learned what is important thing to do as Christianity. I realize how basic my level is at, even though I would say that my religious life is the most important thing for me. She makes me realize how much I lean on myself instead of leaning on who I believe; God. Last, I also learn that I should stop being selfish; only look the pain of mine, and forget the pain what other have. Therefore, Day helps me realize how I suppose to gives some happiness to other, especially the

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