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  • Walk-Thru Customer Service

    line keyless front doors without handles, for residential properties. Our front doors provide convenience, hands-free access, all-weather protection, and security. All models are customized for individual needs, and come with an online app that offers 24/7 support. Walk-Thru’s production will be located overseas for cost-effective production. Walk-Thru’s corporate office will be located in Waltham, MA. DESCRIPTION OF CUSTOMERS Walk-Thru targets consumers…

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  • Personal Narrative: Mount Massive Asylum

    I walk out of the room into a long hallway and out of nowhere a door was slammed shut. I question my decision on coming to this place was taking this big of a risk worth it. The only option I have left is to crawl into one of the vents. I make my way out of the vents into the 2nd story of the building the Lobby is downstairs it’s abandoned there’s blood all around. All the computers are broken I can’t imagine what has been happening here I make my way into a room full of corpses and ripped off…

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  • Breaking News About School Shootings

    the students. The staff don’t know that they are putting the students at risk because anyone can simply state the name of the students wait outside the office towards the parking lots and the staff will not notice if the student knows that person and be kidnapped or harmed. Being identified and checking in isn’t enough for the safety of the school, an extra step in security for all schools should be a proper search for any weapons by some certified security personnel. By searching all those who…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dark Images

    forced my body to sit up in bed, my head continued to hang down, pounding, so weighty. Moving as if in slow motion towards the door, my legs were weak and heavy. After, grasping the door handle only to quickly pull away, the handle was immensely hot. The atmosphere was unexpectedly eerie. My equilibrium appeared off, the unusual blanket of darkness impaired my sight. The smell of burnt wood, the heat in the door and the horrible taste of charcoal in my mouth was horrid. There were four children…

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  • Campus Is Attacked, The Others Adapt By Motoko Rick: Article Analysis

    installing “automatic locking mechanisms for dormitory and classroom doors” (1), it’s a way to keep a gunman away from hurting students. Locking the doors will keep the gunman lock and not being able to move around the campus. I have being on a situation where I was locked at home. Back in El Salvador my mom used to go for grocery and leave me and my siblings at home. We were not able to open the windows or answering the phone while we were alone. My older sister was about 15 years old, one day…

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  • Case Study Of Commercial Burglary

    Commercial Burglary that occurred between 1500 hrs on 12/15/2016 and 1200 hrs on 12/19/16 at Lake Bon Bon (6190 62nd Ave N, Ofc, Pinellas Park FL, 33781). The victim’s, cleaning supplies, 20 keys from inside the security box, 2 boxes containing plumbing pipes, Ryobi Pressure Washer, $200 dollars worth of hamburgers, 1 check written to the business of Bon Bon’s mobile home Park, and 2 pool sticks. Force entry into multiple rooms, suspects broke into the pantry room door, splitting the door frame…

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  • Emergency Evacuation Case Study

    happen at our clinic. As we know, no matter how hard staff members train or go over the clearing plan that is brought to our knowledge certain incidents can still go wrong or unexpected. When it comes to the schedule we should always accommodate the patient needs giving them enough time for their treatment or daily check-ups, so that way it’s not always congested or hectic, making it challenging to move around in the clinic. There should be sufficient chairs in the waiting room put in an angle…

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  • Critical Thinking Creative Writing

    My annoying alarm clock howled at three in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed and went to the bathroom. I felt like a zombie while my fingers dragged the toothbrush side to side to brush my teeth. I splashed freezing cold water on my face to get revived. I drowsily put my suit on and I patiently waited for my father to tell me to start the car. I hoped that he would not wake up, or that it would be an eternity before he actually ordered me to do this task. He finally asked me to start the…

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  • Physical College Environment

    visual impairments and those who use wheel chairs. Some offices at the administration and nearly all toilets were not accessible by students on wheelchair (see appendix 10). Not all classes were specifically designed to accommodate all students. These results were substantiated by data from access audit of the classrooms, buildings and college grounds that involves students. Table 4 shows the data collected from the access audit of classrooms and other buildings. Table 4: Data from access…

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  • Storm Door Research Paper

    a storm door to your house can drastically change the look of your home. It is important to choose the right storm door that fits with the look of your house. When choosing a storm door, there are 5 main things to consider: Price, Material, Size, Handing, and Style. Pricing on Storm Doors First and foremost, you should stick to your budget. Storm doors range in price from around $100-$300 for standard size doors that you can find at Lowe's or Home Depot to around $300-$500 for custom sized…

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