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  • Menuet Vs G Major Essay

    measure twenty-four. The “middleman,” or the quarter note, serves to bridge the eighth notes and cadences together as well as function as giving the movement moments to breathe, almost like a quasi-cadence. Interestingly enough, the quarter notes outline the tessitura of each phrase. Sometimes, the quarter note is a fourth or fifth apart from notes of the phrase. All rhythmic patterns in both the Menuets interconnect to create a smooth melodic line to transition to the cadence, the end goal. My second point I like to elaborate on is the tonal shifts. Music has a starting and ending point. What is different for all composers and their compositions is the middle. In the Baroque period, the piece generally begins on tonic, modulating to the dominant, transitioning back to tonic. Bach follows these conventional standards, yet he is able to invent music in such a way that his counterpoint is able to reflect interest and attention in his melodical ideas. Starting from the beginning, the Menuet spells out a G major chord. Bach has spelled out tonic explicitly, to ensure the performer and listener understands the tonal key as well as presenting irrefutable evidence of G major’s presence. For the most part, scalar passages are used to transition to the end of the first half. It is not until the second half until a shift in tonality occurs. Not only does the G-sharp in measure eleven signify a modulation to A, it demonstrates the need to move forward. Bach carefully crafts the shift…

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  • Charles Ives Construction Of Subjectivity In Schubert's Music

    like typical setting but it actually has very interesting setting. For the standard setting of string quartets are 4 movements. First movement is usually in sonata form and fast movement in the tonic key. Second movement is slow movement and in a related key. 3rd movement is Minute and trio in the tonic key and the last movement (4th movement) is usually Rondo form or sonata form in the tonic key. However, the sequence of movements of this string Quartet is not matching with this traditional…

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  • Communism And Dominant Ideology

    the working class. By examining the two senses or understanding of ideology: false consciousness and dominant the concept of ideology itself and how it works will become apparent. Ideology as false consciousness permits a way of thinking that prevents a person from identifying the true nature of their social or economic status. Society makes fetishes or beliefs that tend…

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  • Dominant Logic Essay

    important thing you learned about business strategy this term? I think the single most important think I have learned this semester in regards to business strategy is the critical importance of understanding your dominant logics. It hasn’t been a featured topic we have talked about during the semester but at almost every step of the process towards implementation strategies and after there was a hint about dominant logics. The reason I think dominant logics are so crucial is because…

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  • Reflection On The Dominant Discourse

    I am living in a society where people view me as part of the dominant discourse, but I could not feel further from it. Pratt defines the dominant discourse as the actions or languages that the people in a society privileges that has been setup by someone in power. There have been few instances in my life where I have felt like the other in society. The other that Pratt mentions is a person who does not fit into the dominant discourse; they do not follow what the dominant discourse privileges, so…

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  • Dominant Listening Style

    I feel like my dominant listening style is an action oriented for many reasons. One of which is because I am interested first on what will be done, what actions will happen, when and who will do them. My favorite question is, 'so what' which is an aspect of a task oriented person. I look for plans of action, like clear, crisp descriptions and answers. I love structure, bullet-points and numbered action items. It helps me keep me organized, which I like to believe I am (no matter what my mom…

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  • Dominant Caste Analysis

    defines the term ‘dominant caste’ as, “A caste may be said to be "dominant" when it preponderates numerically over the other castes, and when it also wields preponderant economic and political power. A large and powerful caste group can be more easily dominant if its position in the local caste hierarchy is not too low” (Srinivas, 1955, p.18). It is interesting to note that he was unconsciously influenced by the Caste Hindu's identity throughout his work. The work, “Dominant Caste and Other…

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  • Dominant Eye Dominance In Basketball

    if a person is crossed hand eye dominant then they will shoot better because their dominant eye is not blocked by the basketball she also writes, “coaches need to coach from the eyes down”, since the eyes play a very important part in basketball shooting. Although, crossed hand eye dominance provides the best basketball shooting percentages, dominance-altering activities will improve same-side dominance by seven percent. There are two-types of motor skill gross motor skills and fine motor skills…

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  • Dominant White Culture Analysis

    Dominant White culture can have a negative impact on those who have a different cultural identity. This is displayed in the short stories “Seventeen Syllables”, by Hisaye Yamamto, and “Dead Man’s Path”, by Chinua Achebe. The dominant White culture that exists in both of these stories negatively impacted the characters in causing them to abandon their own cultural identity in order to assimilate to the predominant culture that surrounds them in their everyday life. The effects of this can be…

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  • Alhusser Dominant Social Class

    Karl Marx indicates that the positions, principles, standards, and ethics collectively shared by the majority of the people in any given society will be the methods of social control. The dominant social class, therefore controls how society thinks about their outlook and their place in humanity. Louie Althusser regards the State as a severely constricting apparatus, which is used by the dominant social class as a tool to repress and control the working class. Contrasting to the Repressive State…

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