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  • Global Business Strategy: Nokia's Outsourcing Advantage

    resources. In summary, ‘global business is where strategy meets geography’, (Spulber, 2007, p37). Throughout this text I will seek to demonstrate how Nokia co-ordinates business internationally in order to drive the company foreword. Home Country Features Nokia began its pursuit for global dominance using success in native Finland as a springboard for international expansion and technological development. After a history of industrial works, Nokia began to turn its attention to the telecommunications sector as early as the 1960’s. However it wasn’t until the early 80’s that the first automatic cellular system was launched, ‘it was the first to allow international roaming, and caught on fast both inside and outside Europe’, (, 2011). Roughly 54% of Nokia’s R&D takes place in Finland, with the company contributed to 1.9% of the nations GDP growth, (Jyrki-Ali-Yrkko, 2001). Contribution to GDP Finland. (Jyrki-Ali-Yrkko, 2001) However Finland alone is responsible for just 1% of worldwide sales, despite boasting more than 40% of the total workforce, (CBR Statistics, 2003). Nokia sparked early success in Finland during the 1990’s, which became the catalyst for Global dominance. This was aided by a change in Finnish government to non-socialism, ‘Nokia was able to sustain its competitive advantage in a way it not possible for an investment driven company or market’, (D.Steinblock, 2003). Finland’s integration with the EU also enabled vast strides foreword in the…

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  • Chediak-Higashi Syndrome Analysis

    “Chédiak-Higashi syndrome is an autosomal recessive immunodeficiency disorder characterized by abnormal intracellular protein transport,” (Nowicki ,“Chediak-Higashi Syndrome,” para.2). It is caused by mutations of the LYST gene which is also known as the CHS1 gene. This gene makes “a protein known as the lysosomal trafficking regulator,” (Genetics Home Reference, January 2014). They cause the lysosome to enlarge which ultimately causes problems with normal cell function. “Patients with…

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  • Confirmation Of Mendel's Law Of Segregation

    Confirmation of Mendel’s Law of Segregation I. In Biology class the past few weeks we have been learning about Gregor Mendel. Gregor Mendel is often called the father of modern genetics. Mendel developed the theory of inheritance several decades before the observance of chromosomes via microscope. In Biology lab the past two weeks I completed a series of tests using fast plants, Brassica rapa. The objective of this experiment was to study the Mendelian laws of genetics as they applied to…

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  • Marisa Fen Character Analysis

    Marshall official and public. She is unable to attain this job on her own since she had to marry a man with a better education and more wealth to achieve this dream of hers. Marisa’s character perpetuates the passive-submissive stereotype since she needs Chris in order to succeed. However, other contemporary films, such as Raising Victor Vargas, reject the passive-submissive female stereotype. In Raising Victor Vargas, the character of Judy breaks the passive-submissive stereotype when she takes…

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  • Gregor Mendel Character Traits

    Originally it was believed that all traits are blended together. Due to the work of Gregor Mendel, though, it was shown that characteristics are a result of inherited factors, known as genes1. Genes are units of heredity on a chromosome that bring about our existence and create diversity. This diversity arises from the fact that there are different forms of genes known as alleles. All the alleles of an organism are referred to as that organism’s genotype and results in an organism’s phenotype,…

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  • Phenylthiocarbamide Analysis

    Analysis of phenotype and genotype using Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) variation taste sensitivity Introduction Taste occurs when chemical signals stimulate taste receptor cells in the oral cavity to detect tastes such as sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. PTC taste sensitivity is very common substance used to study taste perception. Many studies have provided insights into tastes perception using sodium benzoate and thiourea. PTC sensitivity has often been used for practical demonstrations in…

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  • Albinism Essay

    Albinism is a rare genetic condition characterized by the reduced pigmentation in a person’s hair, skin, and eyes. In most variations of the disorder, it is an autosomal recessive condition, an albino individual would have to inherit the recessive allele from both parents. This condition has been of particular intrigue to me ever since I had been introduced to the disorder when reading a novel where the main character suffered from albinism. Even though this character had suffered extreme…

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  • Lab Report: Genetic Analysis In Plants

    Genetic Analysis in Plants Trev Mumm and Peter Masinelli Life 120 – Lab Section 122 April 28th, 2014 ABSTRACT We completed this lab to classify and count phenotypic traits in plant crosses with one or two segregating mutations, and we also learned how to use the Chi-Square test as a tool to access the statistical significance data collected from a genetic cross. Our hypothesis for the experiment that included green and albino corn genetics, was that the ratio of green to albino…

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  • Mendel Biography

    Johann Mendel was born on July 20, 1822 in Heinzendorf bei Odrau, a small village in the Austrian Empire. Mendel’s parents were poor farmers who made many sacrifices to pay for his education. Mendel did well throughout his high school career and, at age 18, he entered the University of Olomouc in 1840. During his time at the University, Mendel studied mathematics, philosophy, and physics. In 1843, at age 21, Mendel experienced financial troubles. Professor Friedrich Franz, a physicist,…

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  • Allele Frequency Law Research Paper

    Hardy­Weinberg Law Given the mathematical and statistical methods used already, this law also uses probability, however is represented in a graphical manner. Through this graph I will determine if the class data set has significant variation on an allele by genotype graph by comparing their points to the collection of data sets from Census at School that will represent in this paper as the Canadian average. The Hardy­Weinberg Law, developed by G.H Hardy and Wilhelm Weinberg in 1908, states that…

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