Music Studio Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The pricier studios are usually found in the larger areas associated with the music industry, like New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, or Atlanta. Smaller areas, such as Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile tend to stay under $100 per hour, but usually cost more than $50 per hour, depending on the quality of the studio. Around Montgomery, the least expensive professional studio that advertises regularly offers digital recording services for as little as $50 per hour. The Cage will offer studio time at a very reasonable $25 per hour, with blocks of time available for negotiable package prices. Our goal here is to focus on the musician or customer without them having to worry about watching the clock or paying more than they can afford.

Target Market According to statistics taken from and, the following target market is suggested:

Age: Early 20’s to late 40’s Income: Generally annual incomes ranging from $18,000 to $40,000. Gender: Male and female, but statistics suggest that female artists are more in need of this kind of service. Education:
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Our existing mailing list, which currently contains the names and contact information for over 100 different people who are musicians, singers, songwriters, and previous customers from the past couple of years. 2. Purchased advertisements in local music and trade magazines. There are between 15 and 20 different publications for musicians available throughout the Montgomery area, many of them free to the reader.


3. Advertising flyers strategically placed within music stores, record shops, and especially Christian music and bookstores, since many of our target segment in within churches. 4. Educational seminars and clinics conducted within music stores, churches, and on college campuses. Because we specialize in vocal production, vocal coaching, and vocal arrangements, we can easily spread the word about our studio by sharing our knowledge with musicians and vocalists throughout the city.



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