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  • Who Is Sherman Alexie's Criticism?

    Alexie assures this by telling his audience, “I don’t know what any individual should do about crossing her own borders. I only know that I live a happier, more adventurous life, by crossing borders” (Alexie). The choice he made at the age of fourteenth of leaving to attend a white town high school for a better chance of becoming a doctor, which was what he wanted at the time. There was a point where he had to almost give up attending this better school due to hindering poverty, but thankfully he found a family who accepted him into their home and helped. His academic achievements in Reardan High School is what secured his admission to Spokane’s Jesuit Gonzaga University. Alexie began the use of alcohol during his university years and abused it, to where he no longer could attend school. He transferred to Washington State University where he soon received a magazine deal with also inspired him to sober up. Not expected to live a very long life due to a condition when at a young age Sherman Alexie had water in his brain, this condition was called Hydrocephalic. Reflecting on his achievement in life, which Sherman Alexie believes he owes it to his condition as he claims, “it’s strange, you know you think about the brain damage that almost killed me, I think in order to survive it, I think it instilled this will to live that was stronger than most peoples, this competitive instinct that was stronger than most peoples, I think my brain damage made me stronger” (Alexie). Its…

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  • Gonzaga Mission Statement

    various narratives revealed in the book Soul of a Leader and Gonzaga University’s Mission Statement, they both do a tremendous job of detailing their distinct missions. Now, in Soul of a Leader, the author emphasizes how crucial it is for a person or collective to put their mission at the very forefront of their decisions and direction. Today, I will speak upon how Gonzaga University is taking the steps necessary to achieve its mission as a college institution. On Gonzaga’s website, one of the…

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  • Should Everyone Go To College By Owen And Sawhill

    In today’s day and age, almost every young adult is told that attending a four-year university is the next step following high school, but two articles question the idea that college is essential and suggest a different type of post high school education. The first article I analyzed was “Should Everyone Go to College?” by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, where the authors discuss several factors about a traditional four-year university and question whether the benefits outweigh the costs. The…

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  • The Importance Of Racism And Hate Speech

    of the school to decide whether the punishment should be losing privileges to college events, suspension, or even exploitation. These regulations on college campuses are crucial and should be taken seriously by students and faculty. Reasons for this is students should feel safe and comfortable when attending school and classes. Such distraction can affect their grades and attendance. These acts usually affect the minority groups which is why some places may brush it off. Also, since this…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Gap Year

    somewhat dependable in their first year of college with their pre-paid necessities such as meals, limitless electricity and water, security, as well as access to university assets. Gail Reardon, the founding director of a program the helps students plan gap years said in the New York Times that “many students learn valuable life skills by earning and handling money during gap years.” (Mohn 9) The article “How to Become a World Citizen, Before Going to College” by Tanya Mohn in the New York Times…

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  • Analysis Of Two Years Are Better Than Four

    Just like me, thousands of international students as well as local students are benefitted by the affordable price, simple requirements for admission, and tremendous options and opportunities of community college. Though I belong to engineering field back in my country, I was able to switch to IT field and many of those grades were easily transferred to a community college which saves both time and money. At the moment I have an Associate degree and employed in an IT field as well. This would…

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  • The Danger Of Telling Poor Kids Analysis

    In "The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility" posted on The Atlantic on January 16, 2014, writer and teacher Andrew Simmons states his thoughts and ideas about higher education to the impoverished population and why it isn 't for poor kids. He recently had a high school student write an essay about what she wants to do with her future. She had been told, rather preached to, that if she, "made good grades and a ticket to a good college would lead to a good job,…

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  • Freshman 15 Research Paper

    The term Freshman 15 is slang that is used to refer to the weight gain in students who enter colleges and universities. Studies have proven that a student is likely to gain approximately 15 pounds in weight within the first year that they join the institution. Weight gain is a problem that widely affects a significant proportion of the society owing to the diseases that may result because of unusual weight gain. Gaining weight may lead to one increasing his or her body mass index leading to one…

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  • An Analysis Of Mr. Murray, What Is A Practical Education

    Murray hopes to convince the reader that universities who narrow or exclude liberal arts and general education courses are on the rise. Thus, the inevitable result will be a direct path to producing workers for a specific job, in a specific field and will not be able to adapt to changes that will inevitably come. Although he himself is a professor and should have first-hand knowledge of statistics that would answer key questions such as, What do students do when they graduate? Likewise, did they…

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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Robert Perry's On Real Education

    A four-year college is essential for majority of high school students to attain for our nation to achieve economic growth. Robert Perry argues this point throughout his article, “On 'Real Education. '” Perry article, “On 'Real Education, '” argument is that our nation is digressing in four-year college graduates compared to other nations. His argument was created to refute Charles Murray’s idea that too many students are enrolling in four-year colleges and most of those students should…

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