Adidas Case Study

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Q1) What is the name of your company?
The name of the company is Adidas.
Q2) What does your company sell or promote?
The company Adidas sells a variety of products. Some of the products that are sold by Adidas are:
 Shoes o Soccer Shoes o Football Shoes o Running o Casual
 Clothing o Hoodies o Sweatpants o Jackets o Leggings o Tracksuits o Shirts o Socks o Gloves o Hats and Toques
 Accessories o Backpacks o Sunglasses o Headbands
 Sports Equipment o Yoga Mat o Soccer Balls o Badminton Racquets o Volleyballs o Tennis Racquets
Q3) How does this company advertise their products?
Adidas has a wide array of advertising methods like advertisements of TV, and radio, online advertisement, e-mail promotions, celebrity endorsements, social media
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5. Li Ning
6. Ecco
Q10) What is today’s stock value of the company?
Today’s stocks value of Adidas is CAD $146.98.
Q11) Why did you choose this company? I chose Adidas because it is a brand that I have always loved, the products are of good quality, I was curious about their background and I knew I will do a good job by choosing the brand ‘Adidas’ . I love the brand ‘Adidas’. The variety of products that Adidas has to offer is amazing. It is great to see that Adidas offers comfort and protection while giving a sleek and stylish look. Moreover, Adidas offers products for numerous age groups. Next, my experiences with the quality of Adidas products are remarkable. We have bought a wide array of products from Adidas like soccer cleats, hoodies, jackets, shoes, pants, headbands, soccer balls, water bottles. Every time we buy a product from Adidas, we are sure that the product will endure and will be worth it for the price. Also, when I was asked to pick a company for the assignment, I thought about backgrounds of companies that I am interested in, and the first answer that came to my mind is Adidas. It is interesting to learn more about a brand that has an immense popularity and makes great profit. Adidas is successful and I knew that by choosing Adidas, I will learn more about the company while getting motivation and getting knowledge for myself. Lastly, I felt strong that I could do a very good job by choosing the company Adidas. With my amount of love and curiosity about the company, I will be able to put my best work in. I always believed that researching on something that you are curious about is better than something that you dislike. This is one of the primary reasons why I chose to do my assignment on

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