Core Competencies Of Nike, Inc.

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Nike’s current strategy is focused mainly on growth. It is focused on making sure the growth is consumer focused, increasing market place capacity, growing through all of its geographical areas and focused partnerships that give the customers a unique experience. This current strategy is about creating sustainability, in terms of operations, manufacturing, and innovation. Another key area of Nike’s current strategy is innovation, as it ensures sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors and rival companies. For future strategy, the main focus would still be on the growth of the company. In the future I see Nike, Inc. investing time and money into the women and kids markets. The kid’s footwear are currently Nike’s top selling footwear …show more content…
In 2003 Nike, Inc.’s international sales exceeded U.S sales which supports the idea of Nike, Inc. being truly a global company. Nike, Inc. has established themselves as a successful company with a strong focus on innovation, a strong business model, a clear vision, mission and stated objectives.

Core Competencies:
Core competencies are considered to be the elements of a company that set them apart from their competition. Core competencies are what the company is good at, and from these capabilities competitive advantage is created. In order for the company’s capabilities to become their core competencies and create sustainable competitive advantage they must be valuable, rare, inimitable and organized.

Some of Nike, Inc.’s core competencies are global brand recognition, success with diverse teams, strong research & development, manufacturing standards and efficient distribution channels.

Company Mission
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The company’s focus and vision is to first and foremost “serve the athlete” by providing superior products to the athletes. Nike, Inc. markets these products with intense focus on what an athlete desires, also a product that would suit the general population. The company recognizes that innovation will be what spurs the shift to sustainability. Nike, Inc. have developed three objectives that fall in line with their mission statement; Innovation to serve the athlete, innovation to grow the company and innovation to inspire the

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