Business Analysis: Home Depot And Nike Mission

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Home Depot and Nike Mission
The purpose of this essay is to analyze Home Depot and Nike’s mission statement. The essay will explore both corporation mission statement, the way it motivates employees, how they offer services to their customers, with community involvement that surround each company. The report will give detailed information of how both organizations will inspire their employee and offer great service to each customer.
Nike’s main reason for existence is to follow through on their mission, vision, values, and goals with their stakeholders, customers and employees. Nike’s mission is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” (Nike,2010) The company looks towards everyone being an athlete. The founder Bill
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The symbol is looked upon as being more than a brand for marketing but as a vital lesson for competitive strategy. Nike owns 47 percent of the athletic shoe market in the United States. Nike has done more than reinvent the shoes, they have revolutionized the way other organization approach the athletic market. The article even states the employees and customer so love the swoosh symbol that they have tattooed it on their bodies. (Harari,1998)
Nikes mission statement has developed gradually over time and fully represents the company’s business situation. Nike mission statement satisfy it strategic plan for the organization. The mission statement is expected to continue their pursuit to inspire and innovate their customers for years. Nike can keep using their current mission statement to ensure it strategic plan to globalize sport shoes, apparel and equipment for the
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Using the high quality services and broad product selection help lure customers to the store. The strategic goals for services, products and prices are within the Home Depot’s mission statement. The organization uses their mission statement to expand training programs for high quality programs at Home Depot stores. The companies mission statement also covers lots of strategic areas of business, such as pricing, services, and product exposure to any particular asset or risk. One thing Home Depot can do is include ideas on how they can reach their objectives. Ferguson says, “Home Depot’s mission statement can be improved through the addition of general information about how to achieve high quality services, a broad product selection, and competitive pricing.” (Ferguson,

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