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  • Assignment II: Impression Analysis

    Journal #3 After taking the inventory my Mom received a high context score of 29 and a low context score of 38 with a difference of nine. I received a high context score of 32 and a low context score of 39 with a difference of seven. We are very similar in our low context scores and pretty similar in our high context scores. After discussing our results and what they mean, we decided that we definitely are more direct when talking and we aren't as likely to pick up on things like emotional tone or verbal cues. While we were discussing high context versus low context, we both connected on having a hard time thinking of nonverbal cues and how they come into conversations. It was interesting to see that we both view conversations in the same way and interpret conversations in a low context. I have never connected that we both think that way in that aspect. Not having the knowledge of the contexts I hadn't thought about how people converse and what they get out of them. Looking back though I can see that we both converse this way and my sister would have a higher context score. She's not going to be as direct as my Mom and I are. I asked her and she thought she gets information from tones and non verbal cues in a conversation. Now with this information, I don't think our conversations will change that much but maybe being aware of nonverbal cues that we put out might change the meaning of some of our conversations. We both have a hard time figuring out cues like that but…

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  • Essay On Figure Skating

    angular momentum during counterclockwise rotational spins. A figure skater is trained to use a double axel, a jump with forward takeoff, with a split jump to create a parabolic leap in the air. A double axel contains an additional rotation in the air due to the forward takeoff. Assuming that there is no friction on the ice and no resistance in the air, every figure skater must be concerned about his maximum height, horizontal and vertical displacement and the speed required to perform a…

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  • Pharmaceutical Tablets Essay

    Each powder mixture has unique characteristics, and so have a unique optimization curve to achieve an acceptable state of uniformity and particle size distribution. Many blending units are available which offer differing shear, convective and dispersion properties on the powder bed. Convective forces refer to large groups of particles moving in an orthogonal direction to the axis of rotation. Dispersion is random motion of particles due to collisions, usually parallel to the axis of rotation,…

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  • Soccer: The Magnus Effect In Soccer

    Soccer is a sport that involves two teams of 11 players who strike a football with their feet. When the players kick the ball they can affects the way the ball spins in the air. Factors that affect the way a ball spins include: wind drag, the way the ball is struck, and friction. These affect it due to the change of the air-flow over the ball, which occur when the ball spins in both a translational and rotational motion. This is due to the magnus effect and bernoulli principle occurring when the…

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  • Petitio Principii Dialogue Analysis

    Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems P1) Over a twenty four hour period, the sun and planets can be seen moving from the east direction to the west direction. P2) The earth could not be moved by two motions like other planets, because there is no variance in the rising and setting of the heavens. P3) If the Earth moved, a dropped object would travel in the direction that the earth itself is moving and would be slowed down by said motion. Scientific experiments have exhibited that…

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  • Martian Vs The Core Essay

    The difference between the movies, The Core and The Martian, would be the logic of scientific principles and ideas. The Core is a movie; where a team tries to drill to the center of the Earth, so that they can restart the rotation of the Earth by blasting the Earth’s core with nuclear missiles. The movie, The Core, had flaws and errors; in which, causes unrealistic standards for science and unjustified the idea of what would really happen in this kind of situation. The main struggle the team…

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  • Essay On Blast Wave Generating Device

    serves as the outer steel walls to contain the shock wave, while at the same time providing a structure and frame for the slats and rods (which externally support the weight system). The rods that rotate with the slats also interface with the weight system which provides an opposing moment to resist rotation in order to delay the travel of the shock wave. Lastly, the shell serves as a structure to fasten the flow straighteners inside the posterior section of the device. The manufacturing of each…

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  • Motorized Trauma

    recline, the apparatus resolved to utilizing a motor to drive rotation of a screw via a coupler, on which, a capture nut would be moved laterally. The capture nut was secured inside the lower rear arm bracket of the scissor mechanism, and movement of the nut was expected to provide the necessary lateral displacement to cause the struts to fold or expand and raise or lower the platform. The backrest was connected to the legrest via a lever-like connector beam where rotation of one of the rests…

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  • The Importance Of Unbalance

    Specific unbalance: □(→┬e=(m□(→┬r ))/M) Figure 2.1: The detail drawing of the theory of the static balance. For the static unbalance rotor, no matter how many eccentric mass, just needed to keep single-plane balance. Dynamic balance The mass of static unbalance rotor could not be considered it is distributed perpendicular to its axis of rotation in the same plane. When the rotor rotating, due to the centrifugal force caused by each eccentric mass are not on the same plane,…

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  • Automatic Door Mechanism Report

    downside. In the same way, I am going to fix the another motor on the other side as well. Now, we need to attach the sensors to the object. To do that, let me use another 50 extension block and a straight connector. I am going to Connect them on both the sides of the base. These 50 ext blocks are used to restrict the circular motion. Before moving ahead, I would like to explain you the concept of converting a circular motion into a linear motion which is used in this mechanism, but, before…

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