Escape velocity

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  • Shikitsune: A Short Story

    The creator was named Shikitsune, she lived within a realm of nothing; an emptiness. She held her hands together and a stone was created, she crafted 10 stones and placed them in a circle suspended in the nothing. The stones would represent the solid ground ones would stand on, and the solid ground beneath them even when they were too far away in their minds. She wept into the center of the ring of stones, and water filled the center. The water would fill their bodies and fuel the beings emotions, and fuel the life, the spirit, of them. The pond had been created and with the stone and water created, she folded the pond into a sphere, and took away all but one stone. She sent the stones far into the nothingness but just close enough, to give the creatures of the new sphere curiosity and wonder. The ninth stone was one of the farthest but with a snap of her fingers, a spark ignited the rock; for the creatures to have passion and love. Shikitsune broke the tenth stone in half, she placed one half into the water which erupted land from various orifices within the sphere. She placed the other above the new water-land balanced world named “Earth” and this was made to give the creatures dreams and hope for the future. The concept of time was then created, so the creatures could measure the age of love between two souls, and ways for the flaming sphere to give warmth in “day” while the stone of gentle light gave “night”. Finally, would then be the life of the Earth, which would…

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  • Duck Hunting: The Principle Of Conservation Of Momentum

    redirect the trajectory of the duck. This occurs because while the pellet is very light, it is moving at an incredibly high speed relative to the duck. All moving massive objects possess this property of momentum, a quantity proportional to the mass of the object times its velocity. Momentum is what allows objects to exert forces; it is the mechanism whereby two objects in a collision can influence one another. When two objects collide, they both enter the collision with some momentum – both…

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  • Allegory Of The Cave And The Banking Concept Of Education Summary

    In both Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education”, the two authors focus on a similar topic: education and delusions. In Plato’s Allegory, Plato discusses a scenario where prisoners, except for one who escapes, are inside a cave that impairs their ability to view the outside world. His writing is an allegory discussing his views of education and false beliefs with the use of the cave and the prisoners. Freire discusses two different styles of education: the…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Escape Analysis

    Humans tend to create temporary methods of escape to break free from the true reality of life. In “The Glass Menagerie”, by Tennessee Williams, the main characters are trapped in a difficult life during the depression, which leads them to seek mechanisms of escape from the real world. This desire for escape from reality is an underlying message throughout the play. Laura, Amanda, and Tom each explore different methods of breaking away from the confinement, and they try to transcend the reality…

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  • Murder In Thelma And Louise And Game Of Thrones

    narratives, I noticed that murder recurred throughout the texts as a catalyst for change the protagonists use to their advantages. The protagonists in Thelma & Louise and Arya in Game of Thrones all use murder to flee existing structures which seek to wrongfully punish them. The murders they carry out also disassociate them from the typical depiction of women during their respective time periods, as well as empowers them to go on their own adventures they would have been incapable of going on…

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  • The Graphs Of Position, Velocity And Acceleration

    Graphs of Position, Velocity and Acceleration The use of graphs is very common in science, statistics, economic and etc; in physics the graphs are use to illustrate and compare quantitative data of motion, time, velocity, etc. The graph illustrates the trend accurately, also the trend can be use to predict future outcomes. Graphs are a useful tool to have a efficient description in less words. The Graphs of Position Graphs of position are a way to represent motion of an object or…

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  • Lab Report: Uniform Motion Of The Ping-Pong Ball

    Lab Report: Uniform Motion Table of Contents Background Information 1 Research Question 1 Hypothesis 1 Variables 1 Materials 2 Procedure 3 Background Information Motion is the change of position of an object with respect to time. The physical quantities velocity, acceleration, displacement, time and speed are used in the study of motion. If an object does not change position with respect to time, it is considered as stationary. Note that if an object is motionless, it does not necessarily mean…

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  • Physics Lab Report Essay

    In the chapter Kinematics of Particles, we studied about various relations among time, position, velocity and acceleration of a particle. When we have a relation between any two parameters, we can calculate remaining parameters. In Kinetics of Particles, we applied Newton’s second law of motion ƩF = ma. The fundamental concept is when external forces acting on a particle are balanced (zero resultant), the particle will be in equilibrium. But when external forces acting on a particle are not…

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  • Experimental Uncertanties Lab

    By finding the area underneath the velocity versus time graph and by adding up all the displacement intervals gave values near each other. This means that there are two ways to calculate displacement using a velocity versus time graph. Experimental Uncertanties There were several experimental uncertanties accountered in the accelerated motion lab. Firstly, the presence of air resistance. As the object traveled down the ramp increasing its velocity, air resistance increased which affected the…

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  • False Acceleration Of An Object

    We then derived the sin of the triangle made from the arrangement of the ramp. After measuring, we calculated the errors for each of the initial measurements. After those calculations, we let the car go down the ramp with five trial runs with the average as our measurement. We then used the max and min measurements to figure out the uncertainty of the time measured, the final velocity and acceleration of the car on the ramp. The initial velocity was zero since the car started at rest. We then…

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