Things Fall Apart Symbol Analysis

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In Things Fall Apart and Poisonwood Bible there are so many symbols analyzing the book. Symbols are a person, place, or thing helped to represent a bigger picture. These symbols are made to help create meanings within stories, to help represent something, or create a metaphor in literary pieces. However symbols can have various meanings whether it vivid or deep. For example black is usually use to symbolize something bad such as death or evil. To find out these symbols you have to analyze the story, and what the others bigger picture is.

In Things Fall Apart Okonkwo can often represent fire, his actual nickname is “Roaring Flame”. Okonkwo father is what snapped him into the man he is. His father Unoka was lazy and inefficient. He would borrow money for unnecessary things. Okonkwo wanted to be nothing like his father he thought he was a coward. This drove him to one emotion which was anger. He would threaten people yelling at them in rage. Fire is very powerful, but also disastrous just like Okonkwo. In this novel, Okonkwo is a leader of the community. He was asked to take care of a young boy named Ikemefuna, who was given to them as a peace offering. Later on in time Okonkwo gets a message from the Oracle. Saying that he must kill Ikemefuna, they tell him
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they are used to show manliness, wealth, and stability. Yams are a sweet potato grown mostly by the men their. Having more yams puts you up higher in place. Not having a lot will get your worth judged by everyone. Okonkwo has to build this self worth on his own, and worked for it when he was a teen. His father made it no good for him to start, he was weak. His father Unoka left him nothing no inheritance or anything. All he did was die in debt. When Okonkwo builds his fields of yams he becomes known as hard worker and a “leader”. He had to start from nothing to show that he was a provider and was better than his father ever

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