What Are The Causes Of Okonkwo's Downfall

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The title of Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart suggests tragedy which the novel clearly portrays in relation to what happens to Okonkwo, the main character. Okonkwo has ongoing issues coping with his life because of his father’s past, he experiences the pain of his Igbo tribe falling apart because of government and the coming of missionaries, and he suffers with guilt over the death of the son he took in and accepted as his own.
Okonkwo faces many trials and tribulations throughout his life, and much of this is due to his father. He tries hard his entire life to be totally opposite of his father. He wants to be seen as strong, but his mind oftentimes tells him that he is weak. When his father died, he had accumulated a lot of debt
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Some of the downfalls were due to no fault of Okonkwo at all such as his father being in debt and lazy. Okonkwo had no control over this matter. It was not his fault that the land was in poor condition after borrowing eight hundred seed. These are just a couple of examples of downfalls that lead to bitterness inside of Okonkwo along with his drive to make himself one of the most prosperous men in his village. Because he held on to his pride, and because he was clearly a stubborn man, he beat his third wife knowing that he would be held accountable to punishment. Killing his foster son was preventable, but Okonkwo chose to show his pride instead. All of these downfalls led to an ultimate ending of his life. Okonkwo becomes angered and kills a missionary leader, and then he kills himself by hanging. I feel that the title of the novel was intended to show us that things can quickly fall apart in our lives, and that we have control over some things that happen and no control over others, but we should not let any of those regulate our lives and drive us to

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