How Does Okonkwo Change In Things Fall Apart

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In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo was a man who upheld high standards and a high place in the society of Igbo. Okonkwo was the man who all the other men looked up to and wanted to be, until christian missionaries and ruined his life. At least that’s what Okonkwo believes. After they “ruin” his life he changes into a man who doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions and wrong doings. He blames the destruction of his life on the actions of others. Okonkwo’s life has fallen apart because of his violent nature and his non acceptance to change, not because of the actions of those around him. Okonkwo’s violent nature has caused his life to fall apart. In the text, Okonkwo was sitting in his hut when his son, Nwoye, comes in. …show more content…
Okonkwo does not want change. His view of masculinity and personal validation come from the traditions of his people. Okonkwo is also afraid of losing his social status that he has worked so hard to obtain. While talking to the rest of his children Okonkwo says, “You have all seen the great abomination of your brother. He is no longer my son...I will only have a son who is a man”(172). Okonkwo is so stuck in his ways that he is willing to disown his son because he changed his religious beliefs. He is unwilling to think about change without getting upset. When Okonkwo was exiled and heard about the news of christian missionaries coming into Umuofia, he was convinced that Umuofia would be able to handle the white men swiftly and looked forward to being a part of it. However when he got back that was not the case. The text says, “Umuofia was like a startled animals erect… not knowing which way to run”(196) The white men recruited enough citizens of Umuofia, specifically those who were at low positions of their society and those who questioned the previous religion, to severely weaken the village’s effectiveness. The new ways of Umuofia were too different from what Okonkwo had established in his youth. Okonkwo was not comply with the traditions of the new Umuofia, so he killed himself. Therefore, making his non acceptance to change a factor in the downfall of his

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