Okonkwo Change Quotes

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In this book it represents tradition and change. The character I choose was Okonkwo because he went through the most changes. He was also the one who reacted the most to these changes. The book was pretty much on why he didn’t want to be anything like his dad, why he got sent out of his village and how the unknown group showing up to his village was a big change. The first thing the book focused on being how Okonkwo didn’t want to be anything like his father. Okonkwo thought of himself as an independent leader of the Umuofia clan. He looks at his father to be lazy, not being able to support his family and a coward. The reason why Okonkwo acted the way he did is because he didn’t want to resemble anything his father did. Okonkwo …show more content…
His first wife was never called by her name, she was actually just called nwoye's mother. She has 2 sons and a daughter. His second wife's name is Ekwefi, She had 10 children but only one survived. His third wife's name Ojiugo, and she has a daughter. Ojiugo is the wife he ends up beating during the week of peace. His first son is name Nwoye, okonkwo is a little hard on the kid because nwoye gives of vibes of being lazy and sensitive. But thats just because he doesn't want his son becoming like his father. Ikemefuna was a boy given to the umuofia by a village near by as a tribute, he lived in umuofia for about 3 years underneath okonkwo's roof. He was like a son to okonkwo, him and nwoye become bestfriends, more like brothers. He ended up getting killed by the tribe with okonkwo's participation because he didn't want being thinking he was weak. Because of that nwoye didn't follow his father anymore. After okonkwo got sent away and the missionaries came in nwoye started believing in there believes known as christianity, escaping his father's. When okonkwo comes back home and seeings everything and how his son switched sides, he ended up disowning nwoye because he was so upset. This book, Things Fall Apart was about tradition and culture. Okonkwo Did go through the most changes and he did react the most which is what caused his death. He tried so hard to be a good leader but to me it seemed like he had a lot of anger issues and that's why all of this stuff happened and that why he ended up dying in the end. Because he was trying to keep the tradition and culture of his

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