Things Fall Apart Civilized Analysis

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“Every year,” he [Unoka] said sadly, “before I put any crop in the earth, I sacrifice a cock to Ani, the owner of all land. It is the law of our fathers. I also kill a cock at the shrine of Ifejioku, the god of yams. I clear the bush and set fire to it when it is dry. I sow the yams when the first rain has fallen, and stake them when the young tendrils appear…” (3.6) In this story, there are many facts and truths about how one's culture can turn upside down. For example, civilized vs uncivilized. Bbeing civilized is a good thing, or is it? Do we really know what a civilized society is? In “Things Fall Apart,” they live in a different and uncivilized society, well that's what we think, but the majority of the time, no one really knows what “being civilized” is. One’s actions and society we live in is civilized because we see it that way, so does Okonkwo’s society in this book.
The reflection towards Okonkwo’s actions towards his society changes him in a way. It makes his family get used to him. For example, “[…] he [Okonkwo] was not afraid of war. He was a man of action, a man of war. Unlike his father
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Towards the author’s words, “Okonkwo was specially fond of Ezinma. She looked very much like her mother, who was once the village beauty. But his fondness only showed on very rare occasions. (5.60)” It reflected upon the civilized matter because most of the village people did not have much of what she had. This also affects the relation with Okonkwo and his family. They really didn’t have much and the fact that there uncivilized matters acquired occasionally, they really didn’t judge themselves. It’s like they just went with the flow of how things went. We can’t judge their society in relations to civilized worlds. The society they live in is way different than what we live in. They see it as a good civilized society and we see it

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