Fall Of Okonkwo Essay

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In terms of classical literature and theatre, dating back to Ancient Greece, a tragic hero is a man of great wealth or power who falls from grace. This fall happens at times because of external forces, but more often the man’s downfall is caused by none other than himself. At times, this curse belies the character by an action of choice, be it due to personal failings or because of a misunderstanding. The downfall of Okonkwo, in spite of seeming to be a far different story altogether, is not so different from. Okonkwo comes from humble beginnings. His family struggles when he was young, and his father is not only poor and unlucky, but also constantly in debt, to multiple people at a time. He resents his father’s laziness and cowardice, and from a very young age Okonkwo strives …show more content…
He farms dutifully and works hard, but Okonkwo’s true streak of luck and personal accomplishment begins when he beats the best wrestler in all the villages, the Cat, in a wrestling match. As he gains fame for his skill and strength, he rapidly becomes wealthy and highly favoured among his tribesmen. Okonkwo grows up to be a great warrior, with a title, three wives, and eight children. On average, Okonkwo is a wealthy and happy man. Time passes, and conflicts arise between the clans. A group of men from a neighbouring village are found guilty of killing the wife of a man in Okonkwo’s tribe, and as the elders of each group meet it is decided that the offending tribe must send a boy and a virgin to Okonkwo’s village. The girl is sent to replace the man’s deceased wife. The boy’s fate, however, stands undetermined, so “the elders of the clan had decided that Ikemefuna would be in Okonkwo’s care for a while (Achebe 26).” Over the course of three years, the young boy Ikemefuna thrives in the

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