Okonkwo Eulogy Analysis

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Ezinma’s Eulogy For Okonkwo

It’ s a shame that my father went out the way he did, a disgrace even. However we must look past his suicide and towards the true meaning of his life. Okonkwo started with nothing, and became one of the greatest rulers in Umuofia. He was raised by his lazy father, who had received no title in his long lifetime. I remember Okonkwo telling me stories about the people who would laugh at his father and call him a loafer.
I believe watching his father’s life wear away with no success prompted Okonkwo to become the rich and powerful man we all know.
My mother would tell me about how they met. Okonkwo was an amazing wrestler, the best in all the villages. When he defeated Amalinze the Cat, my mother, Ekwefi, knew he
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He started with eight hundred yam seeds and some land loaned to him, and ended with three wives and a huge barn full of cowries.
We all know the hard working side of Okonkwo, but we also know the rageful side as well. His temperament problems even once broke the Week of Peace. In his defence, Ojiugo should’ve been back in her obi with his dinner ready.
He has also beaten my mother on more than one occasion. Once he beat my mother for trimming some leaves off a tree, as I cried in the corner of the obi. When my mother made a remark about his hunting skills afterward, Okonkwo shot his gun right above her head. I feared for my mother, but these events were not uncommon, and after time I became used to Okonkwo’s sudden outbursts.
Killing has always been apart of Okonkwo, it is in his blood. Other villages fear my father because of his strength as a warrior. The only time he has ever felt remorse for killing anyone was for Ikemefuna. Okonkwo was not the man to back down from a sacrifice to his ancestors, even his adopted son.
Obeying the Priestess is a law that everyone should follow in Umuofia, and that's exactly what my father did. My father did not get to his position wimping out of orders like a
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When Chielo took me away that night to be taken to her caves, my father came to check on me four times. When I finally arrived at the caves, he stayed with my mother all night to make sure I was alright.
I was a very sick child when I was younger. When these sudden illnesses would come up, Okonkwo would heal and nurture me back to health. These nights when he would put the hot towel over my body to get the poisons out showed his love for me.
When my family was kicked out of Umuofia we had to go live in my father’s motherland. It was in Mbanta when we saw our first white man. At the time it was hard to take anything they said seriously. They told us our gods are fake and that there is only one god. This concept is what toar our village apart.
When Okonkwo arrived back in Umuofia it was already too late. The church had been built in the Evil forest and was attracting new converts everyday. Without my father’s presence the village had become weak. When he finally did urge them to take action by burning the church he was taken prisoner and was treated like a slave. When I heard this news, I broke my twenty-eight day visit to the family of my future husband and came home to see

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