Things Fall Apart

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  • Things Fall Apart

    In his insightful critique, “The Plight of a Hero in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart,” Patrick Nnoromele reevaluates the demise of protagonist Okonkwo, widely perceived as a repercussion of his tragic flaw: the abiding fear of resembling his effeminate and disreputable father. However, Nnoromele alternatively suggests that Okonkwo’s suicide was not the manifestation of weakness and defeat, but rather a gallant act according to the Igbo ideals. To justify this claim, the critic characterizes a hero in the Igbo cultural belief system, as an individual with, “great courage and strength to work against destabilizing forces of his community, someone who affects, in a special way, the destinies of others by pursuing his own” (Nnoromele 270). He then alludes to…

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  • Religion In Things Fall Apart

    novel Things Fall Apart is focused on a man named Okonkwo and his three wives and children and the struggles they faced when a young boy was brought into their home and then killed three years later. Things Fall Apart also focuses on the hardships of getting the elders of the clan to accept different religious coming into their clan and converting people to their beliefs. In Things Fall Apart the author, Chinua Achebe, establishes the theme to that life does not stop, if you leave a place when…

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  • Things Fall Apart Animals

    The novel, Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe tells the story of a very proud man by the name of Okonkwo, who lives in a tribal village in Nigeria, when his life and the ways of his culture are torn apart by the Europeans. Animal imagery is very common in the folktales, fables, proverbs, oral traditions, and theories on the causes of natural phenomena that the people of the tribe exchange with each other. They use these animal figures to explain not only natural phenomena that science had not…

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  • Okonkwo's Things Fall Apart

    Things Fall Apart is the story of a group of Nigerian villages in the late 1800s that is discovered by white missionaries. The story starts by profiling Okonkwo, who is a prominent figure in the village. After his firearm misfires during a funeral and kills an innocent boy Okonkwo and his family are exiled from Umuofia for seven years, during this time Okonkwo plots his return plans to become a village lord. During this exile missionaries start appearing in the neighboring villages and…

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  • Cosmopolitanism In Things Fall Apart

    Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe tells the story of the struggle between a split African tribe, the nobleman and the outcast. As the title implies the struggle only goes downhill. In one chapter the church members struggle to accept the outcast, the osu. When one applies Kwame Anthony Appiah’s idea of conversations between cultures in the Cosmopolitanism to the Umuofia people joining the culture of the Church in Things Fall apart, the converts would be more accepting. However, the congregation…

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  • Empathy In Things Fall Apart

    At some point in one’s life, there comes a time when one must realize things will never go back to the way they used to be and some things can’t be fixed. Chinua Achebe explores this theme in his book, Things Fall Apart. Things Fall Apart is set in a village in Africa called Umuofia right before Europeans arrived. The book focuses on the life of a man named Okonkwo and his tragic downfall brought by colonization. The village of Umuofia also suffers a tragic downfall due to colonization even…

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  • Rituals In Things Fall Apart

    Almost instantly in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”, the reader is submersed into a world where consecrated practices are performed to pacify the anger of the gods. As with most religiously motivated rituals that are focused toward pacifying an angry and ever watchful god, these rituals do have only a transient soothing power to the gods above. The traditional practices that are pronounced in this novel are simply perplexing to an Igbo clan outsider and in the end cause a major rift between…

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  • Imperialism In Things Fall Apart

    fundamentalist stuff: I've got the truth, and you haven't.” When European colonists arrived in Africa, they believed themselves as culturally and economically superior beings. Consequently, the indigenous people of Africa were viewed as uncivilized and primitive. However, Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart depicts a drastically different African culture than those portrayed by early European colonists. Things Fall Apart illustrates the methodical conversion of the Igbo people from…

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  • Narcissism In Things Fall Apart

    Most artistic pursuits, from music to painting to literature, share the universal principle of using repetitive elements. While these elements add another layer of meaning to a simple phenomenon, authors use motifs to convey the significance behind their story. In Snow White, Grimm employs the magic mirror and the queen’s obsession of self-image multiple times throughout the book to capture the dangers of vanity. Taking a plain element, the mirror, Grimm warns the audience of the eventual…

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  • Why Things Fall Apart

    The story Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe is about the Igbo tribes in Nigeria. If you read the book you would recognize why the book is titled like that. In the beginning, things were fine, but as things go on, and events unfold, things start crumbling. Their encounters with the Christians is a large part of the reason they “fall apart.” A big event that happened that could be considered things falling apart was when Okonkwo and his family were exiled for seven years. Okonkwo was identified…

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