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  • Metacommunication Analysis

    The first one was when my friend came up to me during lunch time and said, “Zac, do not be late for ultimate Frisbee today, it at 4:00 p.m.” When I originally heard this I took his statement as a caution to not be late, but from my knowledge of metacommunication I also viewed this a few different ways. The first I viewed it was that he could have been implying for me to be on time because I am usually late to ultimate Frisbee. The second way that I viewed it that he was warning me not to be late but I did not take it that way because his tone of voice did not sound threatening when he was speaking to me. The third way I took this statement was that he did not trust me to because he doubted my dependability for being on time without him reminding me. The second situation was when I was playing ultimate Frisbee later that day and one of my teammates told me, “Zac, after the throw off, pick up the disc, do a pump fake, and then throw the disc deep to me.” The original intent of my teammate’s statement was for me to throw the disc to him but because of metacommunication, I took it different ways too. The first way that I interpreted his statement was that he believed in my ability to be able to fool the defender with my pump fake, and my ability to throw the disc a far and accurately so he would be able to catch the disc down the field. The…

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  • Science Vs. Non-Scientific Ways

    In society, there are many ways of learning, understanding, and knowing the world that range from scientific ways to non-scientific ways. There are many types of scientific ways of learning that include but is not limited to psychology, sociology, and political science to name a few. But learning if not limited to scientific ways, learning can also be accomplished through non-scientific ways such as learning from personal experience, learning from parents or through tradition, and even using…

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  • George Boiardi: The Unsung Hero

    athletic ability. George was a Cornell lacrosse player up until 2004 when he lost his life mid game from a shot that hit him square in the chest. It wasn’t necessarily his statistics that impressed everyone George encountered, but rather his work ethic and the way that he held himself stood out to everyone. George was truly an inspiration to everyone on his team. A selfless, driven, class act that wanted nothing but perfection, is the reason that George earned immortality amongst his peers.…

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  • VF Brands Case Study

    This allowed VF Brands and their suppliers to focus on the challenges that may or may not cause issues during production. VF Brands, wanted factories running at full capacity, this is “critical factor affecting their economic viability,” (Kerin, R., & Peterson, R. 2013). This along with factors of location, source of raw materials, fabrics, and accessories, including cost of production, transportation and trade quota or tariff considerations are all included in the strategic supplier…

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  • Vanity Fair Corporations: Package Sourcing

    successful corporation; however, they still have their flaws. The company, for many years has been seen as just a “jeans” company. However, they would also switch up their product lines and sell various items along with jeans. Vanity Fair along with many other companies had begun to outsource their product manufacturing versus using manufacturing plants to create their products. They would use various suppliers to outsource their products. This would ultimately cause a problem for a company…

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  • Family Diversity Strategy Analysis

    Implementation: I have three ways that I can implement strategies that will help me remember the diversity among my families. The first way is to really get to know my families. One strategy I can do will be to have families fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the year. Families can tell me general information about themselves, anything about their child, and hopes that they have for the school year. I can use this questionnaire as a bridge to connect with the families. This will be a…

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  • Racial Celeberties

    When we look upon ourselves we think of two things who we are and were we came from this just a normal way that humankind has always thought of themselves. Firstly they ask who they are as if there very exsitence may not be valid even though there right in front of you flesh and bone. Everyone has a purpose in life but believe that if they dont do anything remarkable that stands out that there mere life is just that nothing. We as homosapiens believe in a convaluded way of reasoning and since…

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  • Bill Bowen And Academic Governance

    So, I want to simply suggest that these are complicated issues and they are not going to go away. As that affects the way that we think about generating curriculum and what kind of learning experience we are creating, it is incumbent upon you guys to think about that. What are your programs and how are they responsive to that? How seriously do you want to take those concerns? How might we direct those conversations in productive ways, reflecting on those aspects of their criticisms that…

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  • Leaving Mango Street Analysis

    you know how things go. Another example would if in the past you loaned friend money but that friend never paid you back. But then later that same friend came again and asked to borrower money again. Well you do know how that’s gonna go that friend may not pay you back once again. The term “People like us” is usually used when speaking, or thinking negative of another race or culture. Unfortunately me being Black I’ve heard this term way too much. I have said in the past and maybe just the…

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  • Symbolism In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

    says “’I can ‘member Grandma Dee without the quilts’” (par. 74) showing that she will always remember the times they had together. Mama is also seen as a character of symbolic importance because of her ways of seeing situations throughout the story. She talks about a dream she had, going on a game show and re-uniting with her daughter when she herself weighs one hundred pounds lighter. Farrell reminds us, “It is important to remember, thought, that this Johnny Carson daydream is Mama’s…

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