Okonkwo's Psychological Analysis

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PURPOSE FOR EVALUATION: In order to critically assess the patient (Okonkwo), it is necessary to evaluate his demographic picture. Okonkwo originates from the heart of Nigeria and therefore strongly believes in his Umuofian culture. He has 3 wives and 8 children, and is considered the Umuofian clan leader. The purpose for evaluation is admission due to symptoms of depression due to psychological alienation.

This psychological evaluation will assess three main components behind Okonkwo’s psychological mainframe:
Instinctual Drives
Structure of Okonkwo’s Mind
Psychosexual Development
Only after fully analyzing and evaluating these three components, one can portray evidence of psychological isolation and clarify the nature of the underlying depressive
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This section will put in effect the three key component structure of Okonkwo’s mental structure.

First of the two components are the instinctive judgements that drive Okonkwo’s personality. Okonkwo is a very perplexing character, battered by a multitude of psychosomatic symptoms, one of which is the unavoidable recollection of the struggles of the past with his father, Unoka. Okonkwo is driven by an inexplicable torrent of fear, anger, and selfishness. Firstly is the fear of becoming his cowardly father, Unoka. All of these emotions are charged by the instinct of life and death.

In all that we see in Okonkwo, we realize that, both the life and death instincts are basically enlarged by fear: The fear of failure and weakness (as of his father), as well as the fear that his reputation and wealth would go into the hands of a bootless and worthless son, Nwoye, one whom he sees as a prototype of his loathed father. In fact, this instinctual drive (of fear) becomes more evident through his aggressive energy when, he beats Ojuigo and desecrates the week of peace, shoots at his second wife and narrowly misses committing his first murder. He also draws his machete and cuts down Ikemefuna because he is afraid of being thought weak. In addition, he murders Ezeudu’s 16yrs old son, a crime, resulting to his banishment, the destruction of everything he has
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But we assume, (by the little details redacted) that, he lived under a harsh familial ambiance; and that all the stages of his psychosexual growths must have been subjected to frustration; the result of which is the harshness of his behavior. One could imagine how a mother who is left dejected-under a harsh situation- by an irresponsible husband would treat her child. In fact, much of the frustration that Okonkwo had in his childhood stage gave him a disposition. He is egomaniacal and patriarchal. He hates the feminine reek of character. To Okonkwo, the respect for such femininity is lost. All he is about is that extreme masculinity- something mixed with a crude machismo and sadism. So the answer to the question, “What caused Okonkwo’s character to be so close-fisted and harsh?’ would be his hate for the feminine character that his father inhabited and that he was forced to grow up with until adulthood. This built up hate aided in the formation of his unique

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